Content Marketing Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Content marketing is the biggest ‘buzzword’ in the world of marketing right now and it’s one of the biggest digital strategies of the year. And while everyone may be doing it, not everyone is doing it really, really well. In order to see real results, you’ll need to maximise it to its full potential.

The first rule of content marketing is that what you create must be engaging. You can publish and distribute all the content you want but if it’s not interesting, then it will go straight over your audience’s heads. And the best way to make sure it’s interesting and really hits your message, is to hire professionals.

Sure, as an entrepreneur, it can feel like your fastest route to success is to do everything yourself. But delegating and outsourcing work is a vital part of any successful business. You could hire a content marketing specialist in-house to create daily content and distribute through the appropriate channels. Or, if you don’t have the need to have 40 hours worth of content marketing being focused on each week, then consider outsourcing to an agency instead. That way, you’ll only pay per project and the ideas are being generated in a highly creative environment.

Of course, career marketers aren’t the only people you can outsource your projects too. There is a whole world of bloggers, vloggers, youtubers and content creators out there, pretty much at the touch of a button. The blogosphere is a highly crowded place in 2018 and while that may make it harder for each of them to catch a big break, it does mean that businesses, like yours, have a vast pool of skilled content creators to choose from.

The benefit to working alongside bloggers and influencers like these is that they not only bring with them the content, but also the distribution channel to ensure it’s seen by the masses. So you kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and the cost is generally lower than paying a corporate agency or full-time staff member.

Although, with such a focus on social media, Youtube and other platforms, it’s easy to forget that effective content doesn’t always have to be online. Or even digital for that matter. Offline content is just as important for raising brand awareness and an eye catching or particularly clever advert can be highly effective when placed in printed publications. Although they may seem outdated in this day and age, magazines and newspapers are still powerful marketing platforms.

When we refer to ‘content’ it’s easy for your brain to jump straight to images, videos and written articles. But content marketing is about everything the customer sees, hears, reads and experiences when encountering your brand and so event marketing can be a great tool for offering something a little different. It offers you an entirely present audience (something you can’t guarantee online) and all 3 dimensions are at your disposal to help deliver your brand message. Particularly if you’re a B2C business (business to consumer), event marketing is a good way to go.

However, sometimes no matter how good your content, your reach can hold you back. If you’re a start-up or have a limited platform to promote your content on, then it’s probably not going to be seen by the masses. This is where collaborations come in. As well as the influencer collaborations we mentioned earlier, you should also consider a joint content marketing strategy with other brands. And the brand you choose doesn’t even necessarily have to be in the same sector. You’d be surprised how much numbers can talk and if the content is good then the brand growth will speak for itself.

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