How eateries can go above & beyond to bring in new customers & ensure loyalty

Value. A word used a lot by businesses, though not necessarily in the right context. The ability of a business to deliver this to their customers though, will stand them in good stead for the future.

This can be determined in a number of ways; there are many interpretations of the term ‘value’ and ways in which businesses can provide this, depending on what their particular niche is.

For physical product-based businesses in the food and drink/catering industry for example, value could be derived as giving a free sample to new customers so that they’re aware of what you sell, get a taste for it and become repeat customers.

While it can take time to build a core base of loyal customers, these are essentially your fans and as a result, will sing your praises and not be drawn to other, similar businesses who target them with cheap, gimmicky marketing tactics.

The golden, unspoken rule for pubs and even restaurants is to ‘look after your regulars’, because in the down times, these are the customers who pull you through and keep you going. But, just how do you get to this point?

Attracting new customers

If you are a new business, this is great because it means that you have a blank canvass and if you are at a point where you are happy with your product offering, then the marketing opportunities are exciting.

Every potential customer gets curious about something new and when it comes to cafes, pubs or restaurants in their local area, this is no different. Generally, people are inclined to try something new at least once, though because of this, first impressions have never been more important.

While first impressions can include everything from presentation and customer service to the overall experience, there is one great way to make a highly impactful first impression before anyone has even stepped into your business.

Capitalising on Competitions  

Competitions are a very effective way for local eateries especially, to bring in new customers, though more than this, they also help to create a buzz, build suspense and generate general excitement. They are also brilliant publicity.

The majority of the time, businesses that run competitions usually have a free prize as the incentive and for the sake of filling in a couple of fields/text boxes online, it is usually worth it. Such examples can include a ‘Free three course meal for two’ or ‘one Free hot drink/smoothie per day for a week’ in the case of a café or coffee shop (note; emphasis on capitalising the ‘f’ on ‘Free’ for maximum effect and copywriting best-practice).

Snizl has made it easier than ever for local businesses to be able to do this, because of the incredible reach and active user base that the platform already has. The process couldn’t be simpler either, combining both functionality and automation for a high conversion rate.

Giving something away for free is all very well, though it needs to exceed expectations and be of a quality that a customer would happily pay for. Generally, most eateries have their own unique niche and every product tastes great.

Running a giveaway competition has the scope to be very powerful. In today’s society, especially in the Instagram world, people love to take photos of their food and share it, in particular tagging the restaurant or café in question.

The word-of-mouth power from the results of running a competition has the potential to significantly increase, not only your footfall, but also the lifetime value of a customer.

Why not let Snizl show you how effective this could be for your business, beginning with a non-obligation free 30-day trial today?! We’re confident that you will be ecstatic with the results.

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