The Secret to Creating an Enticing Offer for Your potential Customers

Getting customers is half the battle for any business and it all depends on a number of factors and how effective they are.

One method that businesses engage in, especially in the beginning is creating offers as a way of trying to stoke up interest in their products or services. Whether this be offering a free sample or discount on a product or service over a period of time, there is a number of things that you can do to capture attention.

With consumers never being more careful about how they spend their money, they are not only looking for better products or services, but also value for money. Creating an offer which helps to highlight this could well go a long way to acquiring long term customers.

Getting the offer right

This is the tricky part. On one hand, you want to make sure that it is good enough to pique curiosity and on the other it is important to prevent any damage to your brand or image. How you present and position yourself in the first place will define what customers think of you and with many people likely having their first touchpoints with businesses online before they make up their mind, presentation and tone is essential.

Also, make sure that you can afford to take a hit on profits and factor in an initial loss first. While every business can draw up as many sales forecasts as they want, there is always a danger of being too optimistic.

The perfect scenario is for people to be drawn in enough by the offer, enjoy the product/service and then start spending as well as recommending your business.

One tactic could be to include a more premium product in your offer either for free or a discounted rate which really highlights the showpiece of your business. This means that people will experience one of the premium and more expensive products you have to offer.

Should they like it, they might decide to try a less expensive one which might not be as good and quickly revert back to your better offering, knowing that they already love it.

Conversely, you could also go the other way which is what a lot of businesses do; create an offer which includes their least expensive product or service and then upsell them once they have had a sample.

The trick is to differentiate yourself from every other business out there in a way which establishes an emotional connection with you.

Emotive buzzwords & copywriting hooks

Conveying your offer in the right way is key. While you might have the perfect product or service, if you can’t inform potential customers in a way which makes it sound as good as it genuinely is, you could be leaving valuable custom on the table.

Online audiences are becoming more ad-savvy, which means that they will quickly disregard anything that is either too long, confusing or irrelevant to them.

Wording is just as important as imagery, though in certain industries, the latter certainly helps to create that initial impression (e.g. food & beverage). Most businesses find the image part the easiest and with the increase in smartphone usage, taking the perfect photo appears to have become a major part of global culture.

It is the wording that most people struggle with, though there are some particularly strong words and phrases that can make all the difference.

“You/Your/You’re”: Making it all about the customer/audience is the first stage and too many businesses talk about themselves, instead using ‘our’ or ‘us’. Incorporating one of the above words can have a powerful effect.

“Free”: Arguably one of the most powerful words in the English language from a marketing standpoint. Everyone becomes intrigued when they see what they can get for nothing. Be careful of using it too many times in your copy however, otherwise it may look gimmicky and damage your brand.

“Discover”: A word which prompts engagement with your offering, this associates with almost an air of exclusivity and can stir up excitement and curiosity at the same time.

“Instant/Instantly”: In today’s world, hardly anyone wants to wait for anything. Even supermarkets have introduced self-checkouts so the customer doesn’t have to queue. This is a powerful word which stimulates the feeling of gratification.

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