Why Choose Snizl For Your Business?

Whether we like it or not the digital era is here. Businesses that want to survive and prosper need to adapt and find new, exciting ways to interact with their customer-base.

But when a business invests in digital marketing, it needs to see a return. Regardless of how big your business is, every cost you incur should be scrutinised for what it contributes back.

And when it comes to social media marketing – and engagement – around deals, promotions, competitions and events, we can be even bigger critics of how our marketing performs.

Did it work? How well? Was it worth it? Will we do it again?

Getting it wrong can be expensive and a total waste of your time, something no business wants.

Our guess is that most businesses – if asked – would prefer to take the guesswork out of their approach to how well their social media posts are going to perform. Well, now you can…

Introducing Snizl

We designed Snizl to help businesses with their social media marketing without making it difficult or complicated.

In talking to a wide range of businesses, we heard the same challenges – the number of followers on social media was never reflected in their post engagement and most definitely not in Customer numbers.

Even when they put great deals, promotions, competitions or events together, the responses they got were never what they expected, or needed, to make it worthwhile.

So we created a platform that gave more power to business owners using social media to promote and sell to their customers. And you know what? It works. We do this by:

  1. Putting you in control –You’re in charge of the promotions you offer and the time you send them out. It takes just 2 minutes to set up your latest deal and send it out through your social media and you can easily track how successful it is with our real-time analytics dashboard.
  2. Giving direct access to customers – Unlike other platforms, your followers are just that. We don’t put barriers in the way to stop you reaching them. Snizl lets you send notifications of your latest offer direct to their phone, increasing your chances of turning them into customers.
  3. Motivating followers to get involved –Businesses using social media struggle getting their audience to engage with their posts. Snizl motivates people to enter your competitions and share it to their social media by giving them an extra two chances to win, something 65% of users do!
  4. Offering a flat-rate fee – At Snizl we believe in open, honest and transparent pricing. We aren’t interested in taking a percentage of your hard-earned profits, that’s why we use a flat-rate monthly fee for using our platform. You decide your offer and you get to keep your profit.

What next?

Snizl is growing rapidly with businesses and users joining at incredible rates. Now’s a great time to get in and build your fanbase.

For a limited time, new businesses to the platform will receive 30% off our monthly fee – for life! – that means you can start building your customer base for as little as 70p a day.

The first 30 days are on us, click below and start growing your following today.

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