4 places where you might find your target customers for your business

Finding customers is one of the hardest tasks that any business has, though not only this, but also finding repeat customers; essentially fans who want to come back and experience your product(s) or service(s).

Understanding where businesses might find the right customers comes down to a number of different elements, especially since marketing has become more savvy and increasingly targeted over the last decade, particularly in the online and digital space.

Due to advancements and upgrades in technology, it has enabled marketers, or indeed bosses of small businesses, who know what they are doing to be able to utilise certain tools which can help them find the right customers for a particular kind of product. Also, what works for one business, might not necessarily work for another.

As a result, let’s take a look at five different places where you might find your ideal customers!


Arguably one of the biggest marketing channels in the world, with over 1 billion users, Facebook is the choice advertising platform for many different kinds of businesses. Now with the option to build specific Facebook ads and narrow down on a target audience using the numerous fields, it means that over the last five years, businesses have really been able to narrow down on their niche customers and still have a good margin.

However, over the last 18 months, Facebook has made it even harder to target, with algorithms becoming more sophisticated in order to raise the game. However, it has meant that the very best marketers who understand how the advertising algorithms work can still reap the rewards. Ultimately there is still a lot of potential with Facebook advertising for finding your ideal customers, however, this does require a substantial amount of smart thinking.


This will only work for certain types of businesses; though the best thing about LinkedIn is that it has a very effective content marketing tool, whereby people can create content for free and share it with their network. It  is a very effective platform for becoming known as an authority in your industry and the people on LinkedIn often use the platform to read the content and interesting articles from thought leaders.

Typically a long term method for bringing customers, one thing that this will do, is help you to get your word out. When people realise that you aren’t going away and are consistently producing original content, you will gain authoritative credibility in your industry, people will take you seriously and ultimately become customers.

Physical locations

Despite the emergence of online possibilities, the traditional forms of marketing can still work, though this can be quite a general approach, unless you have put much thought in it.

A lot of physical locations, such as bars or shopping centres for example, have started to use digital billboards where businesses can pay to have their advert flash up throughout the day. 

Being smart about this is key though; if you are a business which rents out hot tubs for example, advertising this in a bar (where your likely clientele may hang out) might yield the best results, compared to having the advert in a supermarket where you may only hit a fraction of your target customers.

Competition platforms

Knowing that customers like to enter competitions may well be a key advantage for businesses and as a result, prove to be the most likely place where they may find their target customers. 

The true beauty of Snizl, is that there are over 100,000 pre-qualified, actively interested customers who enter competitions on a regular basis, so Snizl, which allows you to create tailored competitions to hook customers could be the most relevant platform.

New customers can enjoy a 30 day, non-obligatory free trial and start enjoying the results today!

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