5 Reasons why your business competitions fail

Marketing, especially competitions can be hard for businesses without having the right tactics in place to ensure that enough awareness is spread and to the right people.

As a result, most businesses, especially small or start up companies often tend to run competitions in order to try and generate interest and while this can be an effective method, there are times when they just simply don’t work.

There can be any number of reasons why this happens, sometimes it can be down to one issue and on other occasions there are multiple issues why this occurs.

Because of this, we’ve illustrated some of the major reasons why this happens and how they might be prevented in the future.

Wrong product

Sometimes, depending on the product or products, there isn’t any need to run a competition. This can be anything from the fact that a business’s product margins are too low to be able to justify it or at the other end of the scale, a competition can cheapen your brand and/or product in the eyes of your target customer, though ultimately a business will always try and derive some value from the product itself.

Worded or Marketed Ineffectively

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the product, brand or even business. It could have the best potential in the world and be head and shoulders above any nearest competitor, however, the final hurdle is ensuring the message is communicated in the right way to generate interest or the most effective hook. 

Many people, especially business owners themselves focus more on their product or business and sometimes are short sighted when it comes to marketing and often underestimate the power of effective copywriting or the psychological effects that this can have on potential customers. As a result, this is where it can be effective to enlist an expert to take care of marketing your competitions and ensuring that they are communicated powerfully, therefore generating impact and lending gravitas.

The Competition is too Overcomplicated 

In business, simplicity wins every day. The key to ensuring that potential customers can understand what you are promoting is to be able to explain it in a way so that you don’t have to elaborate. If people start asking about your competition and what it involves then it isn’t simple enough for your target customers.

If you can’t explain it coherently or concisely enough yourself, then how can you expect your customers to understand it? 

Ineffective branding or design

As well as effective wording to ensure that the competition stands out effectively, another part of branding is key and this applies to design. Before running any competition, it might be prudent to ensure that your brand is easily distinguishable (colour/logo/imagery etc) and that this is always consistent. 

In this way, it not only stands out, though also spreads awareness about your brand and ensures that potential customers can recognise it in the future.

Wrong competition platform

Building or running your business’s competitions on the wrong platform can also have a detrimental effect on how many people enter. This could be that the particular platform doesn’t have your target market of customers, or it may be that the platform has unqualified customers. Furthermore, the platform may not have all of the tools that you need to be able to get the results that you are looking for.

With Sniz’s highly tailored platform, you can customise your competitions to your taste, simply and easily in order to create a message that is clear. Though, the real kicker is that the Snizl platform has over 100,000 of specially qualified customers who already, actively take part in competitions on a regular basis. 

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