5 biggest marketing trends of 2019

Every couple of years, new and wonderful marketing ideas are introduced to the market with businesses keen to experiment and see if they work. Often it is in the form of some new social media platform, while sometimes events can take precedent. 

Over the last couple of decades, with the explosion of the online world and the mass availability and reach of the internet, combined with the ease of broadband access, it has become more convenient than ever to quickly target potential customers.

With mobile technology also playing a part, with the fact that the handheld device is the most popular tool to browse the internet, it has opened up even more opportunities for savvy marketers. As a result, let’s take a look at five of the biggest marketing trends of 2019 and how they stack up against each other so far.

YouTube Advertising

Still a very under-utilised and economically efficient source of paid advertising, the multimedia giant has become increasingly popular with marketing professionals over the last few months. 

The fact is that cunning experts have quickly realised that this platform has a better ROI (return on investment) potential than Facebook Ads, with this method much harder than it was three years ago with Facebook continually changing its algorithms.

Video advertising is particularly popular, even with consumers and the beauty is that you can create a video ad and have it strategically placed according to your target audience and what you think their interests are. With the cost per click considerably lower than most of the traditional paid advertising methods as well, this is a no-brainer.


Jumping on mobile popularity and the fact that next generation social apps also offer advertising capabilities, this has been one of the growth advertising trends in the world of marketing in 2019. 

Particularly for companies who target a specific customer or audience, with the Snapchat communication app typically aimed at the 16-30 demographic. With the number of users considerably increasing during the second quarter of 2019 as well – 13 million daily participants were added according to Wall Street reports.

Snapchat is certainly a method which still has huge advertising possibilities in the marketing world.


Another highly popular app, again often used via a smartphone which has seen advertising figures rise considerably over the last 12 months in correlation with a sharp rise in its userbase.

Marketers have also tapped into the fact that a vast number of businesses use Spotify in their offices and places of work as an employee perk, so from a B2B (business-to-business) angle, the potential here is huge.

Amazon Publishing

This method requires a much bigger investment of both time and effort, though the results can be considerable.

Having a book published on Amazon significantly increases your authority and credibility among potential clients as they will realise that you must be good at what you do (and also you can typically charge more for your services, which clients are willing to pay).

Also because Amazon has a very high search ranking and domain authority, whenever a potential client searches your name in Google to find out a bit more, you will appear in the top two or three search engine results, showing you as a published author with your book.

However, writing a book can take a considerable amount of time, which you may not be able to afford if you are looking for quick growth results.

Technology Marketing Platforms

These sophisticated data platforms are some of the leading marketing methods of the last 12 months and more closely align customer with business at a fraction of the cost – especially PPC advertising.

Snizl matches businesses with actively interested buyers who already like deals and offers which means if a business signs up to the platform and creates an offer, this will target a buyer’s market of people who will find it interesting.

With a Free 30-day non-obligatory offer, it is well worth finding more about how this could help to exponentially grow your business.

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