What we don’t generally realise that Google knows

If you didn’t know already, Google runs the world, it is the online version of every government all rolled into one and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

The fact is that over 3.5 billion people are online with that figure set to continue growing considerably over the next decade. 

Being able to subtly influence what you (the consumer) sees in search results they can effectively make or break a business, especially with the internet being arguably the most important source of custom for companies.

Should your website for example not be up to scratch in terms of the amount of content that you are uploading on a monthly basis or if you are using techniques which are frowned upon, Google can de-list your website from its search engine, leaving you back at square one.

But, leaving the search optimisation side of things alone for a minute, which essentially is more of a long term scenario in terms of building organic growth, what about the only other option left on the table?

The ever-changing PPC Shift

Paid advertising is just as competitive as organic content or SEO-related content, though the connotations around this if you get it right, can be highly effective in a shorter space of time and more crucially – Google knows this.

Able to change their algorithms whenever they want, well, at least the highly skilled developers were able to once, now they have programmed algorithms to think for themselves, which means that in essence and in all probability, not even Google knows what Google is doing.

They have nothing to lose. Especially, if from a paid advertising standpoint, they have programmed their algorithms make sure that their advertising platform and variables are harder to crack, so businesses keep spending more money to get better results.

It is a win-win. Afterall, Google is arguably the most valuable business in the world from a B2B advertising standpoint, and the most used search engine in the world, so they know that a business’s customers won’t go elsewhere.

This is the perfect situation for them. They know that businesses realistically won’t go elsewhere to advertise, but what if they have programmed their algorithms to get harder to crack from a supply and demand perspective?

It would then mean that businesses will spend more and more trying to reach out to potential customers, not realising that they are competing with other businesses doing the same thing, to even maybe secure the same customers or clients.

Should there be another way?

There is no doubt that the cost of PPC (pay per click) advertising is considerably on the rise. In some cases, companies are realising (depending on industry) that they have to spend $5 to make just $1 back which is a drastic state of affairs and with Google becoming ever more competitive, this is only going to get worse.

Businesses and especially the consumer becoming ever savvier and looking for more cost effective ways of securing a deal, there is a great opportunity out there for new initiatives.

What Snizl does differently is use a highly targeted database of pre-qualified customers who actively enjoy shopping for deals and offers (let’s face it – any advertisement worth its salt has some kind of incentive attached to it – it’s marketing 101) and has them all in one place, perfectly aligned to the type of business which would suit their needs.

And the best bit? You can enjoy a Free 30-day introductory trial when you sign up to find out what this is all about and understand why thousands of businesses are already benefiting from the game-changing service that Snizl offers.

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