5 Easy Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most substantial annual holidays for retailers across the globe. So, if you run a business and see an opportunity to gain more custom through creating content surrounding Valentine’s but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve listed 5 marketing ideas you should try in preparation for the high demand in the upcoming week.

1. Social media posts which hint the upcoming special occasion.

Social media is brilliant for business, it’s a place where you can effectively advertise and promote your product for free and share it with as many people as you like.

Social Media Posts for Valentine's Day

So, this year, why not share a post that shows your audience your business is aware Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

Whether that be suggesting a gift idea from your website, or just an interactive poll asking your audience if they’re celebrating or not, it’ll create positive engagement amongst your followers on social media and kick start your Valentine’s Day campaign.

2. Create a deal which conforms with Valentine’s Day.

If your business promotes deals regularly, or if you never really have deals on at all, a great way to get your audience engaging would be to promote a deal associated with Valentine’s Day. E.g. ‘Buy one main course and your Valentine will get one FREE’. This turns a simple Buy One Get One Free offer into an effective campaign component for Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day Promotion

2b. Offer a discount code.

If your website has a sale on and you want to combine Valentine’s Day, why not create a discount code customers can save money with when they go to checkout. E.g. ‘For 10% off enter the discount code ‘VALENTINES10′ at the checkout’. This is an effective way of promoting an existing offer and help drive traffic to your website

3. Start a competition.

Competitions thrive on social media. It’s a brilliant way to gain more followers and therefore, more traffic to your website. Ideally focus on the big ones, such as Facebook and Instagram – or better yet, use Snizl to run your competition and have it all automated!

Competitions to Market your business

Don’t make the mistake in thinking you have to give away hundreds of pounds in cash for a competition prize, choose something Valentine’s Day related (it can be your product or something you source yourself) then get family and friends to start the ‘liking and sharing’ and away you go.

Competitions will build new followers for your business and give you access to a new audience to sell to!

4. Construct a last-minute gift guide.

Another marketing idea for Valentine’s Day is to Construct a gift guide. This is an excellent addition to your existing Valentine’s Day campaign because you’ll be able to communicate with your audience but you’ll also be able to talk about and link your own products in the gift guide, creating traffic back to your website once again.

So, whether you do this via a blog post or just on Instagram stories, creating some sort of content surrounding the event is kind of crucial if you’re wanting an increased flow to your business website.

5. Use relevant hashtags.

When posting on social media about a social trend, it’s important to take that extra step and use relevant hashtags. It may seem daunting at first and you may find your self asking “what is a relevant hashtag? How do I know what these are?” but don’t panic, quick and easy hashtag generator tools like are available for anyone to use and do all the thinking for you!

Hash Tag Ideas for Valentines Day

There are plenty of relevant hashtags out there, and when a popular time like Valentine’s Day is approaching, any connotations around the phrase and the phrase its self will make a good hashtag e.g. #ValentinesDay #Love #Gifts.

Apply this to other annual holidays and away you go, you’ll have some professional hashtagging included in your posts, which will help to appear on explore pages. But remember, don’t overuse hashtags as it may come across like spam. 5/6 should be the maximum amount.

So that’s it. 5 Easy Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day. Follow these steps for the next couple of months and you’ll have a successful online presence and more customers to sell to in no time.

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