4 Simple Mother’s Day Campaign Ideas Customers Loved

Looking to gain a wider audience and more customers? Mother’s Day this year is set to be one of the highest-grossing annual holidays and therefore large and small businesses have the potential to see an exciting spike in sales.

Get your marketing done right and you’ll be amongst many businesses in the country who’ll benefit from Mother’s Day on March 22nd.

Small business owners creating content
Small businesses owners benefit off successful marketing campaigns surrounding annual holidays.

We understand that as a small business, there’s only so much time you can dedicate to marketing per day – maybe even per week, so, with these 4 simple yet effective and creative campaign ideas, you can get back to what really matters: running your business.

1. Host a Mother’s Day Giveaway

A giveaway or competition might be an obvious trick, so spice it up! Instead of the typical online competition, if you’re a restaurant or store, promote on social media channels and through email marketing that on Mother’s Day, every 22nd mum that walks through the door gets their bill paid on the house or receives a free item from a select few that you choose from your stock. It’s an exciting and more honest way of hosting a giveaway without the online uncertainty of winning or simply just scrolling past by accident.

Mother and Daughter
Walk-in giveaways encourage more people to come to your store surrounding the Mother’s Day period.

2. Post a Product Battle through Social Media Stories

To promote your products on social media channels without going down the usual route of creating a standard post, use the Stories feature on Instagram and Facebook. Carry out a Product Battle, as shown in the images below, in the form of polls.

Not only are polls super quick and easy to create, but they increase engagement, not to mention when you use a few Gifs and Stickers, they can start to look really colourful and aesthetically pleasing.

When creating a product battle using items from your website you’ll be able to tie everything into the theme of Mother’s Day (Image 2).

Polls For Instagram
Instagram story poll/product battle used for items on your website to create engagement.
Polls for Facebook
Facebook story poll/product battle used in a Mother’s Day Campaign.

3. Widen your audience

The one thing you do not want to do in business is to restrict your self to a small audience when you don’t need to. You may be selling or offering a niche product or service, but when it comes to annual holidays try and spread your audience as far as it can go. Mother’s Day this year may be a good time to practice this.

Every retailer will be targeting mothers. But why not go even further and target mums-to-be, they’re excited and what’s to come is more than likely going to be a new and unfamiliar journey, emphasize on this through your posts, social media marketing or through a touching new image of a pregnant woman on your website or in your Mother’s Day Gift Guide and lo’ and behold, you’ve just created a whole new audience for your Mother’s Day Campaign entirely.

New dads will be buying for their pregnant girlfriends, mothers-in-law for their daughters-in-law, the list is pretty much endless.

Mums-to-be Target Audience
Create a new audience for Mother’s Day and target mums-to-be

4. Keep the consistency throughout your Mother’s Day Campaign using small details

Audiences look for familiarity and humanity in your business. If your audience relates to you they’ll more than likely engage. Therefore, a brilliant way is to integrate positive and emotional connotations of Mother’s Day into your website and on your social media channels through the language and themes or colour schemes you use.

Use emotive words that create a nostalgic feel. Pick a colour scheme for your website that goes with this, from blush pinks to cool creams and light grey’s or even baby blue, then pick a sentimental hashtag which is easy to remember and hard to forget, for example, #AMotherIsAFriendForLife.

Whatever reminiscent avenue you go down for your website or social media page if it’s consistent and has continuity it’ll really set the tone for what your audience can expect to see in the upcoming days or weeks to Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Campaign
Keep a consistent sentimental value throughout your campaign.

Whether you’re a 1 band team or there’s over 100 of you in the business you’re at now, marketing online is almost essential for the longevity of your business, so this year, stay in the race and practice one of these super simple yet effective and creative Mother’s Day Campaign Ideas.

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