Digital Marketing Is As Necessary As Ever For Your Local Business

Who says nothing in life is free? Not us – and especially not now!

Being able to reach out to customers who are sitting at home is more important now than ever before.

A health crisis has struck Britain and the rest of the world causing independent businesses to take a financial hit due to fewer people walking through the door.

The concerning times we’re faced with means we’re all having to prop each other up and do our bit for the community.

Independent business owner posting on the new Free Plan

Whether you’re a business supporting the people in your community by providing fresh food and produce regardless of the health risks or if you’re someone who amongst the fuss continues to shop locally – it all helps collectively to support our local economy.

The beauty of the UK is the vast amount of independent businesses in all ends of the spectrum. Whether you run your business on Instagram or have an informative website, a showroom or even a shop, we want to help the very businesses who make us proud to be British. That’s why we’re introducing the Free Plan.

Giving back to great independent businesses

We understand that as a dedicated business owner providing quality, trustworthy and traceable produce is your speciality. So, in uncertain times like these, we want to make sure you reach the people in demand for it most – without even leaving the house!

In light of recent events, we want to spread the word that we have introduced a new plan which is absolutely free.

Go digital for free with Snizl

The Free Plan will enable you to market your products, offers and services to an audience of over 200,000 users throughout the country. Therefore, if you need to find a way to gain more custom and update current customers about delivery slots, opening times, new stock and more you’ll be able to, using our quick and easy platform.

We know that being an independent business in a crisis can be stressful and somewhat disheartening, but, by reaching a completely new audience base through the Snizl platform we hope to help you increase the number of customers for your business which gives you the positive boost we all need.

The new Free Plan on Snizl

Edit your Business Page easily

You can input your own logo, header and description on your business page, enabling the Snizl users to read all about your business when they visit.

You can also add your social media accounts, contact details and address to help users get in contact and to add that personal touch.

On the main feed, everything you need to create successful posts, see business insights and edit your business, is in a handy drop-down box on the top right.

Take a look at our support page for more help when creating your business page on Snizl!

Measure post success on the Dashboard

When you have posted either a Competition, Deal, Event or Promotion on Snizl you’ll be able to measure the success using the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is a place where simple analytics are shown to give you an insight into who has viewed your post, how many times, and if you’ve had click-throughs to your website.

It’ll come in handy when you’ve posted a few times to compare success in different types of posts.

Create Promotions to show Snizl users recent business updates

There have been many businesses adapting to the current circumstances and introducing new ways to sell their products to keep their business growing.

If your business has the means, you may be able to introduce a new local delivery or pre-packed food service. Use the Free Plan’s Promotion feature to update Snizl users on your latest changes.

You’ll reach more customers if you adapt to what’s happening around you. If customers cannot get to you, take your product to them!

Learn more about adding Promotions, Deals and other posts?

Sell Directly on the Snizl feed

Our “Buy Now” feature enables you to sell your products directly on Snizl, it’s much more convenient and faster for our users to purchase on Snizl resulting in more sales for you!

Visit our support page to learn how to set up the Buy Now feature.

Snizl is here to help, we believe in local businesses and produce made within the UK, that’s why we want to do all we can to continue success among independent businesses and our local economy.

Get started creating your business page and enjoy marketing your products on a completely free platform.

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