6 Simple Ways Your Business Can Go Green While Saving Money

With so much choice when it comes to products and services businesses offer, it’s important to take on new challenges and strive to stand out. Going green is an excellent way to do this. Proving to potential eco-conscious customers you’re serious about the world we live in is a huge selling point in today’s society.

The following points are ways in which your organisation can save money whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

Power your workspace with alternative energy.

In the UK, many energy companies are supplying Green Power. By powering your office space or place of business with clean energy you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint while driving forward your mission statement to be more eco-friendly.

Green Power companies such as OctopusEnergy offer Green Energy with 0 exit fees. 100% of their electricity comes from renewable sources like sun, wind and water! The cost is marginally higher, but it’s used to buy more clean energy, which is fed back into the grid.

Buy and use post-consumer waste (PCW).

Post-consumer waste is materials such as paper and card which were once recycled rather than thrown in landfills. PCW uses 45% less energy to make so when buying packs of paper or card for your business, look for the recycle logo and check the contents of PCW material, the higher the better.

Also, don’t forget to recycle all materials once used. For eco-friendly office supplies visit The Green Stationery Company on Snizl.

Switch your bulbs to compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED.

Going green in business doesn’t mean huge changes, it can be simply down to the bulbs you use to light your workspace.

CFL bulbs are extremely versatile in size. They’re 4 times as efficient as your regular incandescent bulb. For LED bulbs the average life is around 50,000 hours compared to 2000 for incandescent bulbs.

LED and CFL are at a higher purchase price but they last significantly longer and use much less energy. See how much you could save with the Philips LED Savings Calculator!

Eco bulb with plant growing out of it

Get a free energy audit.

An energy audit is an examination of an energy system to ensure that energy is being used as efficiently as possible.

Energy Management businesses sometimes offer free energy audits. You’ll be given a detailed report on where and how you can save energy.

Encourage a Green Commute Scheme.

In order to not only make your workspace green but also encourage your staff’s lifestyle to be more eco-friendly, you could offer incentives for staff who walk or cycle to work. If this isn’t possible, look into having hybrid company cars!

Ditch the shiny modern interior and go vintage.

Be sustainable in your journey to a more eco-conscious way of doing business and have second-hand office furniture. Head to car-boots, auctions and eBay for unique office furniture at half the price of the shiny plastic modern office appliances. Reduce the demand which is damaging to the planet and save money.

By taking on board the above tips, you’ll be able to save thousands of pounds whilst appealing to eco-conscious customers.

When introducing targets like going green, it’s important to inform your current clients. Have a designated section on your website dedicated to your mission statement, where customers can see the steps you’re taking to achieve going green.

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