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Introducing Snizl Learning: Speedy Affordable Courses for Entrepreneurs

As a business owner and/or entrepreneur, are you looking to improve your skills, but cautious of time and cost?

With Snizl Learning, our brand new venture here at Snizl, you can expand your knowledge to help your business run smoother in less than a day!

What is Snizl Learning?

Snizl Learning is yet another service we’re offering to business owners.

Separate from our free-to-use marketing platform, we’ll be releasing inexpensive courses for a one-off price.

Snizl Learning gives you access to detailed yet condensed courses complete with a certificate of achievement awarded at the end in a final test for participants who score 80% in the final test.

Each course contains a handful of short lessons within a series of diverse topics. Within each section of the course, we break down the subjects in detail. So that when you come to answer the quiz questions at the end, you can answer with confidence.

Each course in total should take no longer than 2 hours including test time.

Snizl Learning is your new way of learning-while-running-a-business.
Snizl Learning is your new way of learning-while-running-a-business.

Benefits of learning with Snizl

We have plans in the pipeline to cover a vast range of topics to suit each and every industry. Such as GDPR, content marketing, Facebook & Instagram Ad creation and so much more.

Very soon, Snizl Learning will be an educational hub perfect for individuals within a business to come and not only learn, but be awarded an official certificate of achievement to demonstrate passing the course.

You’ll be able to demonstrate achievements to clients and show your followers on social media your achievements.

Not to mention the abundance of knowledge presented in the course candidates can now take forward in the business.

By purchasing our first course from Snizl Learning, you’re investing in your businesses futurenow when was that *not* worth doing?

The cost of self-improvement

To take on our courses, the cost is £19.99 after VAT.

Good news for Snizl Premium Businesses, you can access the course for just £10.00 – You won’t find digital marketing courses with such depth at this price anywhere else.

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Get courses for just £10.00 with Premium.

Social Media Marketing for Businesses: Course 1

The first course we have decided to publish is the Social Media Marketing for Businesses course.

It contains a plentiful, chronological range of topics covering the basics of social media marketing, trends, copyright & plagiarism, branding & design and more.

The topics break down the key areas in each and our short, bite-sized clips alongside a mini quiz at the end of each topic make consuming the knowledge effortless.

The skills taught in this course can very well be exercised by individuals, budding influencers, and businesses of all sizes!

Apply the methods and knowledge to your organisation’s social media marketing and you can reap the benefits of an increased following, more engagement and even see a boost in sales.

Watch your content creation, method of analysing data and general knowledge surrounding social media marketing improve with our all-in-one, contract-free, dynamic course.

Leave us a comment below to suggest other course topics which you may be interested in seeing Snizl Learning publish.

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