May the 4th be with you: Three ways International Star Wars Day can be used to promote your business

MFor the uninitiated, May 4th is more than just another day in the calendar. Among die-hard fans – and those with a passing interest in the movies – May 4th is International Star Wars Day, celebrating all things weird and wonderful related to George Lucas’ iconic series.

With the origins traced back to 2008, and initially called Luke Skywalker Day, the celebratory event has grown on a global scale and is now recognised internationally by fans, governments, and businesses alike.

And weird though it sounds, it presents a unique opportunity for small companies to capitalise on the popularity of the day. For ventures willing to show some creativity, it could create huge opportunity to grow awareness of their business and generate new sales.

Making the most of International Star Wars Day

With a growing amount of attention being given to May 4th, it would be naive of businesses not to consider the possible ways they can use it to their advantage. While it may be easier for some than others, here are three ways you could promote what you do on May 4th:

  1. Show The Films: If you run a pub, bar or restaurant, consider promoting the fact that you’re showing the films back-to-back all day. You could go the extra mile by creating a special food and drink menu that maps onto the theme of the day.
  2. Create Offers/Competitions: If you run a clothes shop or jewellers, consider offers or competitions on certain products with a Star Wars twist. Promote products that fall into the ‘light’ or ‘darkside’ colours, like blue, green or red clothes/pieces of jewellery.
  3. Fancy Dress: For the die hard fans, why not find a way to reward those who visit your business in fancy dress. Offer discounts, enter people into competitions, or use Facebook polls to identify winners and create a buzz about visiting you on May 4th.

Obviously there are a couple things you need to be aware of if you’re going to use May 4th to promote your company. If you’re showing the films make sure you have the correct licence and be careful not to infringe on copyrights if you use images or graphics on social media.

It’s not just International Star Wars Day

Did you know that May 4th is also Firefighters’ Day, Free Comic Book Day, and Naked Gardening Day? No? Well, they may not immediately present opportunities for your business but that’s not to say other days in the year won’t.

Throughout the year there are various celebratory days that businesses could use to promote their business. For example, June 2nd is Cancer Survivors Day, 8th August is World Cat Day, and November 1st is World Vegan Day, each presenting unique opportunities.

Although these days present opportunities, you should demonstrate some sensitivity. For example, Cancer Survivors Day may not be suitable to promote your business but you could choose to run a fundraiser instead, building a positive reputation in a different way.

How Snizl can help

At Snizl we give small businesses a single point of organisation for their competitions, deals and promotions. All you have to do is register with us, set up your offer and send it out to your followers, perfect for promoting deals on International Star Wars Day.

Because your deals go directly to people following you on Snizl, they receive a push notification on their phone. Unlike social media – where people might miss your updates – this means you have an audience actively looking for promotions and deals from you.

Snizl motivates people to enter your competition by giving them an additional two chances to win if they share it to their social media. 75% of followers re-share offers, turning them into ambassadors of your business and offering better results than paid ads on Facebook.


A little creativity goes a long way, just because you don’t see an immediate opportunity on May 4th, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Why not mention it to people you know and see if they can suggest ideas, offers, or promotions that complement your business.

Doing something different is a great way to catch people’s attention. Businesses who adopt a versatile approach to their marketing will grow awareness of what they do and create stronger relationships with customers interested in the products and services they offer.

Coming up short for ideas? Don’t forget, we mentioned a range of celebratory days that fall throughout the year, why not turn your attention to one of those instead and create an offer, promotion or competition that works for you.

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