More Likes, More Customers? Sadly Not

Building an active social media community with Snizl

Everywhere business owners look, we’re told about the importance of being on social media. Without any clear idea of what we’re doing, we set up a page and start posting content…

It’s guesswork.

After our friends and family have started following us we start counting each time we get a new follower who likes our page. The numbers feel good.

But we get to a certain point where the likes and the sales don’t match up. How can so many people follow us online and never engage with our posts or buy from us?

Once we work out the time and effort put into social media – and the money if we’re doing paid ads – it can be downright depressing. So much work for such little return.

So how do you increase engagement with your social media posts to generate new sales?

By using Snizl, businesses can create deals, competitions, promotions and events that are shared with their followers.

Once you create a deal, you can also choose to send your followers a notification direct to their phone.

And Snizl goes one step further by motivating your followers to share your post to increase awareness of your business and the deal or competition you are promoting.

For competitions, we offer followers a chance to get a further two entries (trebling their chance to win) if they share the post on their social media. We know 75% of people will do this, helping build brand awareness for your business.

Businesses using Snizl regularly see a 1000%+ increase in their social media engagements when promoting a competition using our platform, a prime example of how we motivate your followers to get involved.

We saw businesses spending too much time and money on social media without getting the returns they wanted. That’s why we built Snizl: to put them in control of growing their business.

And you can grow your business too!

If you register with Snizl today, you will receive 30% off the monthly fee – for life! – and can start building a new customer base from as little as 70p a day.

The first 30 days are on us, click below and start growing your following today.

Want to know more? You can ask questions via live chat on our support page or on our Facebook page.

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