Snizl: How We’re Different To The Rest

We aren’t like other deal or promotion sites and we’re proud of that!

At Snizl we know that there have been promotion sites before us and there will be promotion sites after us. But they will never be like us. Why?

No-one will ever care more about helping businesses succeed than we do. And that’s a promise!

Our platform is designed to give you every opportunity to grow your business while letting you have complete control of how you do it and without it hitting your profit or your sanity.

When we built Snizl it was with you in mind: The business owners – working every hour under the sun – to make what you do successful.

And we thought of how our service should support you in achieving this. Here’s how we do it:

  1. No hidden costs –Rather than making you slash your prices, and taking a big fat commission for our efforts, we charge a flat fee of £20 a month to use Snizl. We believe in leaving the profits where they belong: in your business.
  2. Designed for your customers –We reward people who promote your competitions on social media with a further two chances to win. When they share this, their friends and family see your business in the post, promoting what you do to new audiences. 75% of entrants share to social!
  3. Engage your audience –By building a following, you can send push notifications through the app straight to their phone. We know that 85% of these messages are read, giving you a direct marketing method to engage your customers.
  4. Put you in control –There’s nothing worse than being told what to do by someone who doesn’t understand (or even care about) your business. At Snizl we keep our noses out of it and let you get on with doing things the way you want to. Want to promote something right now? You can! And we’re always there should you want a bit of help or advice.

The number of businesses and users on our platform is growing on a daily basis. Get ahead of the competition by choosing your plan and starting to build your followers today.

At just £20 a month you’ll benefit from watching the positive impact that social media can have on your business. The first 30 days of Snizl are on us, click below to start your free trial.

Want to know more? You can ask questions via live chat on our support page or on our Facebook page.

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