Organic vs. Paid growth on Social Media

It has been a debate for the last few years – whether paid growth or social growth is more effective for businesses on social media.

Every business needs a social media page and quite often, it is this that is the main driver of new customers. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Paid growth benefits

Social media platforms allow to create targeted ads, whereby you can put your content as a business in front of the audience that you wish to attract. This can be a great short term fix, especially if you are promoting a new product or service and, as such, get new customers quickly for your business.

Paid growth drawbacks

Over the last few years, the ‘paid growth’ strategy on social media, especially Facebook has become almost a ‘quick fix’ for ‘marketers’ and they have taken advantage. However, the social media platforms began to realise this and tweaked their algorithms accordingly, making it harder and more expensive to really drill down on target audiences. This way, the ‘quick buck artists’ who aren’t willing to put in the work for the long term, have been squeezed out of the market.

Organic growth benefits

The majority of most companies organic followers on social media are actually genuine fans and interested in the content, or perhaps have an emotional connection to the business. Sometimes, even just 300 genuine followers are as powerful and more effective than 30,000 followers who don’t really care or understand your business because they saw an advertisement in their newsfeed.

Organic growth drawbacks

It takes time to build up your online presence, authority and reputation as a business and people won’t be inclined to follow you on social media if they don’t know who you are. That often means, they need to experience your product and service first, though ultimately, in the long term this can go a long way to sustaining your brand.

Also, some of the people who like you business page, might be doing it because they know you and are happy to offer a show of support online and on social media, though they might not necessarily be active buyers or even interested.

That’s why it is better to refrain from sending out page invites to friends and family, especially if you are relying on them to be customers.

A potential answer?

Thanks to the Snizl platform, your business can now connect with followers organically, who are not only actively interested, but are ready to buy from you immediately.

Giving you the ability to create competitions that you can share via social media, but also on the Snizl feed of competition-lovers, doubles your chances of being noticed. For every entrant who shares your post, also receives two more entries. Attractive right?

If you like that, you’ll like this even more. We are offering you a month’s non-obligatory free trial to check it out and see if you love it as much as our other clients do.

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