Snizl Success stories

Snizl Success Stories: See how one Snizl user’s sales boomed in just 11 days

Ratnavel Vish, a Kingston University Business and Computing Graduate, joined Snizl for free back in early June adding his business, Boom Boom London and thus the beginning of his Snizl Success Story.

The inspiration for his business, and business name, was sparked by the 2012 Olympics. As most of the population in the UK, Ratnavel felt the effects and pressures from the recession in 2008 and decided his business would represent the boom of economic London.

Ratnavel felt a duty to pump some wealth back into the economy by putting his business and computing skills to good use and created the brand we know today as Boom Boom London.

Starting off building a few eCommerce sites here and there and spending many working hours trying to pick his other businesses up, he made the important decision to stop promoting a couple of his businesses to save time and money. With the help of Shopify though sometime later, Ratnavel was able to pick up where he left off and continue doing business.

And so begins the journey on Snizl…

Now, Ratnavel sells his incredibly diverse yet always useful products on Snizl, posting Deal Posts and Promotion Posts offering monetary savings to our 200,000+ users on over 50 products!

The business based solely online means Ratnavel has no responsibilities or outgoings when it comes to running a high street store. Using Shopify and Snizl combined exposes his business to millions without even having to leave his computer desk, selling wholly using digital platforms.

Necessities and luxuries are the categories in which Boom Boom London’s products fall into. Posting a single product at least 4 times a day keeps the business in full-view of Snizl users on the feed. From fashion to beauty, tech to accessories, it’s clear a business who posts on Snizl frequently doesn’t have to stick to one niche for their products and Posts to be engaged with and examined by, by the shoppers of Snizl.

Boom Boom London’s products on Snizl – The beginning of a Success Story

Impressive statistics after just 11 days…

With a unique real-time dashboard offered to every business signed up to Snizl, Boom Boom London has been able to track and trace the progress exclusive to each individual product posted.

By using our groundbreaking statistics dashboard, Ratnavel is able to run business more effectively, spending time posting the products which were engaged with and clicked on the most. This ensures, as a business owner, you’re not time consumingly posting products which aren’t popular with Snizl users. Thus, giving you never before access to data which tells you what stock to prepare for the future.

Boom Boom London’s Business Dashboard Overview – Success Story

Only 11 days into time active on Snizl, Ratnavel has already racked up an impressive dashboard of statistics.

With 3880 impressions (how many times his products have been seen on the feed), 2090 views (the number of Snizl users who’ve clicked on posts) and 84 total claims (the total number of users who have visited the website and gone on to purchase something) it’s clear the level of posting and quality of products aren’t going unmissed.

Using other digital platforms to his advantage

Social media is one of the biggest digital advertising platforms there is. While Boom Boom London grows on Snizl, it’s also important posts are shared on social media for maximum exposure. Creating a new and wider audience.

Sharing to Facebook, in Ratnavels case has been effective. Although an impressive 92.91% of Reatnavels custom is generated through the Snizl platform, 5.9% of customers travel via Facebook links. If Ratnavel’s Snizl Posts weren’t posted to social media, he’d have lost out on 5.9% of engagement – this is a large amount to consider.

Thinking about expanding these statistics even further, options to share his posts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are available on Snizl via a quick and easy share button. It’s essential to do if one of your aims in business is to expand your audience.

Pie chart stats indicating success on Snizl and social media - success story
Snizl Dashboard pie chart indicating which digital sites traffic came from – Success Story

Although Boom Boom London operates solely on the Snizl Free Plan at the moment plans to continue promoting products and advertising with Snizl are well underway.

Open to the opportunity to upgrade to the Premium Plan, gaining access to Call To Action buttons, downloadable graphics and more, Boom Boom London have gained all the success from the Free Plan.

Ratnavel prides his products on being reasonably priced essentials, and with Snizl users, they’re a hit. Independent businesses ran by a one-man army sat at a computer like Boom Boom London is who we’re evermore supporting as a company before, during and after the pandemic.

It’s not essential to have stock in shops, on shelves or intricately developed websites, what is essential though, is having the entrepreneurial drive to be an authentic, honourable and passionate brand.

What’s next for Ratnavel and his Success Story?

For now, Ratnavel is focussed on expanding his presence on Snizl and sourcing even more stock. “At the moment, there are around 300 different products we are selling… I am ready to Promote them too… for Boom Boom London, we want to cover as many countries as we can providing customers with high-quality products at low cost… It’s a small business but many more products are coming soon and we may even have physical stores in the future, but currently completely online via Snizl and Shopify…”.

He’s living proof that when you have plans in the pipeline, you gain success, even if there are bumps in the road along the way. Think about the reason you started your business in the first place and channel that passion, you may just find your business, booms.

Want to find out more about the Snizl platform? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions blog answering every single common question we get!

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