How to Make Money off Profitable Hobbies

Hobbies, many people have one, some don’t. But, wouldn’t it be great if you can find a hobby you’re obsessed with, and make money?! You’d be living the dream.

With social media at an all-time high and the Snizl platform being small business-friendly, there’s never been a better time to find and start doing something you absolutely adore and have it pay your bills!

Arts & Crafts / DIY

There are many routes to go down when it comes to earning money off crafts and DIY. Maybe, while you were furloughed, you realised you’re actually a decent painter. Or, perhaps you’ve only just realised how simple it is to make candles and want to do it full time.

Can you knit, crochet or sew? Put it to good use, start creating unique pieces and sell them online. Etsy is a great place to sell artsy home-made products but there’s a large, pretty competitive market.

With Snizl, you’ll gain exposure to over 200,000 users. You can join for free and begin growing your small business from the comfort of your own home. Ask friends and family to help out by sharing your Snizl Posts on social media.

Tia Cole, 19, from Nottingham created her business because she saw a gap in the market.

“I noticed a lot of people want designer prints and there aren’t really any at an affordable price, so I saw a gap in the market. Using my skills from my HNC course and my platform on Instagram, I was able to create prints on Adobe Illustrator and now I have a second source of income. Setting up a business on Snizl has been beneficial because it cost me nothing yet now I have an audience and a clientele base which goes further than my Instagram followers”.

– Tia Cole
Desi Prints runs solely on Instagram and Snizl, earning Tia Cole a second income.

Car Boot re-sales

Car boots may not be on right now due to the pandemic but trust me, this is a good one! It’s pretty much common knowledge that you can get just about anything for 50p at the carboot sale. And, I know if you’re younger it may be awkward doing such a ‘dad-like’ activity, but going to car-boots, you might have an eye for some stuff no one else has, your demand will be different and there’s not much buyer competition. You’ll be ahead of the game and able to build stock for a pittance.

You could get old furniture, re-paint it and sell it on younger selling platforms like Depop or Shpock. You could be on the hunt for designer garments and sell them as vintage on these same selling apps. People have made a killing doing this but you have to be determined and have an eye for it. You’ll only know if you try.

Charity shops are also a great place to find rare and impressive clothing at inexpensive prices. The demand for vintage accessories and clothing on Depop is like nothing you’ve seen, beat the market though and start your own shop on Instagram, you won’t be drowned out by every other seller on Depop and you’ll be able to target a completely different demographic.

The wonderful world of blogging

Blogging, vlogging, whatever you call it, it’s crazy popular and a hotspot for raking in cash. People all over the world are utilising digital platforms to make an income, and the market is definitely not crowded.

Successful Youtube channels go from strange ASMR audio clips, exotic reptile vlogging accounts, makeup, fashion, pranks and more! So, if your passion is being in front of the camera, don’t waste it, you might have a talent and flair the internet is just waiting to see. Content, content and more original content mixed with good editing over a period of months/years is what’s making Gen Z and Millenials millions!

You may be no Charli D’amelio but if learning dance routines and practicing TikTok trends is up there as something you do regularly, Find out how to make money on Tik Tok! If you’re persistent, energetic and creative there are high hopes you’ll end up on that all famous #FYP.

If you’re one of those that cringe when you hear your own voice, you may want to try Blogging. That’s where Instagram comes in. On Instagram, it’s more about the pictures than the video content (although the recently new IGTV has blown up thanks to Tory Lanez Quarantine IGTV’s).

Even though it may already seem like there’s an Instagram account for just about anything, there’s still plenty of room to create themed accounts of any niche. Rest assured STANS will join together from every corner of the internet to support the aesthetic you put out in a 1080 x 1080 square.

The wonderful world of blogging and vlogging is another way you can make a second income, or full time if you’re good enough!
Categories of Vlogging/Blogging accounts you can get into:
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Lifestyle
  • Pranks
  • Fitness
  • DIY
  • Sports
  • ASMR
  • Dancing
  • Political
  • Cleaning
  • Parenting
  • Body Positivity
  • Sex
  • Personal
  • Movie
  • Cars
  • Celebrities
  • News
  • Pets


Possibly time-consuming, but, done right and you could make enough to enjoy early retirement. With the demand of locally sourced, fresh British produce on the rise, it’s no surprise that gardening has moved it’s way up this list in the past couple of years.

It’s a bonus if you’re already gardening and ‘know the soil’, but, if you’ve never done gardening before it’s not the most difficult thing to start.

Keeping chickens has grown in popularity over the years, allowing people to make a bit of cash from the eggs. You could also sell herbs, fruits and veg. Make jams and chutneys. Make fresh blackberry pies and advertise on social media or Snizl, and send them out to your local area. There’s an abundance of ways to make money gardening and even if it doesn’t fund every single one of your bills at fist, we’re sure it’ll suffice as a sweet side hustle.

Want to know more ways to make money from your garden? Visit 16 ways to make money from your garden.

Dog sitting/walking

Love big dogs, little dogs, long dogs, fluffy dogs? Yeah. So do we. And finding out you can make money from dog sitting is probably the best news you, and us, have heard all year.

Now, you have to be trusted and in some cases to be a dog walker you have to have a license, so you can’t just take any old dog out. But, if you live in a local area where there are plenty of dog owners, why not draft up a little leaflet and pop it through their doors and see if they’re interested.

Of course, with the current pandemic you may not be able to dog sit just yet, but, it gives you a nice amount of time to create an effective letter to each of your dog-owning-neighbours asking them to live your dreams of becoming a dog babysitter when they’re out of the house.

Share your progress on social media, this may generate more custom through friends and family. Loving it and have regular custom? heck, let it become your full-time job. Join Snizl, post your avalibility and let the doggy-owner-customers roll in.

Personal Training

Are you a fitness guru and want to share your love of all things protein with the world? There’s an incredibly massive market for fitness and health, which you can get in on if you have the passion and drive.

Create a small business plan offering PT sessions per hour and grow your clientele on Snizl and social media. Offering discounts for friends and then asking them to spread the word and leave you reviews. This will give you a base, and the rest is history!

Utilise platforms such as Zoom to do online PT sessions while lockdown restrictions still stand for an extra source of income.


The beauty industry is worth £27.2 billion in the UK and guess what? From the comfort of your own home, you could take a cut. Nails and hair have been a staple in the beauty community for decades, but lashes and aesthetics are slightly new to the mix.

It’s a risky business if you’re not careful because peoples important organs are essentially at risk if anything goes wrong. But, if you’re truly passionate about beauty and enhancing other peoples natural features, you could take courses to become a lash technician or aesthetics technician. This is not something to take lightly though, in some cases learning the tricks of this particular trade can take years, so before you go into something like this, even though it can leave you with a four-figure bank account at the end of the month, make sure your heart is fully in it.

Thinking of other hobbies that can make money? Let us know!

We hope you found this useful, comment below other hobbies you think could earn a wage!

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