Up it a gear with Snizl Competitions and drive business to your door

Every business is always on the lookout for new, creative and effective ways of bringing in new customers or clients, especially for as little cost as possible.

In small high street-based businesses, where marketing budgets are often small, experimentation as well as trial & error is usually a major part of finding out what attracts customers. This all costs time and money.

However, with Snizl, there is a highly effective platform that can literally bring customers to you in relatively no time at all!

Open More eyes with Your very own Unique Competitions hub

We created Snizl to make sure like-minded businesses and customers could connect and start to build an enjoyable relationship. Kind of like round pegs in round holes!

Our results speak for themselves. Our partners think of us as a friendly and well-informed helping-hand. Here to make sure that when you create a competition, it is seen, shared and above all, entered.

The technology that helps to power Snizl is able to target the people that we think would be interested in your competitions based on what they like. It means that when someone enters your competition, they are likely to become a customer anyway. Pretty cool right?

Then, there are those people who are already following your business and have an active interest in your products and services. These make for a great target audience, especially because they have the advantage of already knowing what your business does.

It also means, that they are highly likely to be open to the idea of receiving future offers from your business, which thanks to Snizl, you can send directly to your follower’s lock screens.

While not everyone can win your competitions, offering a prize to 10 other entrants in the form of a discount voucher (e.g. 20% off), could be a great way to help further strengthen relationships and secure vital repeat business for you! With Snizl, you can create these and they will be automatically sent.

The fact that you already have followers who are already signed up means that they actually anticipate the next, best competition to enter anyway. Our fans, are your fans!

So, how do you actually go about creating a Snizl Competition that brings in more customers?

It really couldn’t be any easier.  We pride ourselves on making sure everything we do is simple and easy to understand. That’s why we have broken this down into short steps for you to follow, with screenshots to guide you!

Step 1

When you are logged in, click on ‘New Post’  in the top right of the menu bar to get started!

Step 2

On the page below, select ‘Add a Competition’ on the text box on the right of your screen.

Step 3

Now it’s time to create your competition. Make sure you think of a simple, yet attractive title to draw people in. With your description, expand some more about your competition, highlighting the benefits of entering!

Step 4

It’s now time to set the length of your competition (we recommend at least 30 days) and you can either post it now, or schedule for a later date!

Step 5

Images are an important part of your competition, so make sure you choose something which really helps to sell it. If you are a restaurant for example, and you are offering a ‘Free 3-course meal for two’, then perhaps have an image of the food that your chef cooks.

Step 6

Feel free to read through our T&Cs which explain about the competition in more detail and then simply scroll down and tick the box to agree!

Step 7

Here, you get the chance to preview your competition post and make sure that you like it. You can also choose whether you want to make it visible to a nationwide audience as well.

Step 8

Here, you can really take advantage of our sharing functions, which let you post to your social media feeds, which can really help to make a difference!

Step 9

This is your competition post page where you also have the option to share it to your social media channels.

Step 10

This is what your competition post will look like on the live Snizl feed:

Step 11

Below is what people see when they enter your competition.  People follow you to enter and are then prompted to share to receive two more entries.

The best bit?

We are offering a non-obligatory month’s free trial to get you started. What we have found is that 63% of entrants share your post and when they do so, receive two more free competition entries.

Powerful? You bet. Become a Snizl partner today with a month’s free trial and let us have your back as your business grows.

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