Why Organic Marketing techniques are effective for businesses

It has been accepted for a number of years that organic marketing is the way to go for businesses, especially from a long term perspective and returns on investment.

When marketers realised the true meaning of the word ‘search engine’ from a commercial standpoint and the amount of possibilities that there was to capitalise on what was essentially an entirely new and lucrative micro industry, the sky was the limit.

Understanding that Google was a fan of websites that were, fundamentally, rich in content and keywords, new marketing companies could sell themselves to businesses who wanted to rank on the first page of Google search results ahead of their competitors.

This ingenious strategy was given the name ‘search engine optimisation’ or more commonly, SEO for short. Some entirely new businesses which operated solely online were formed off the back of this as they found that they could effectively sell to as many different customers in whatever nice they wanted.

It is a form of organic marketing which has been particularly successful over the years for businesses with those who take it seriously, able to really gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Furthermore, those who were able to optimise their websites themselves experienced a significant results in the form of visitors and conversions by way of sales.

Content as a sales method is also a form of organic media; it is known as content marketing and according to the Content Marketing Institute in 2017, this generates three times more leads than paid search advertising.

Essentially organic marketing techniques are more receptible to the customer, who often find paid advertising spammy and too salesy, while the former offers them something of value first.

It is perhaps why more overall investment is being put into more organic and even innovative methods for businesses to be able to provide more value to their target audience. 

Ever-changing content for businesses to leverage

Content has continued to evolve over the years as companies latch onto new ways of gradually being able to convert customers.

While article based content can sometimes take time to convert readers into customers as a series of pieces, there are other kinds which can help to transition potential consumers from a short term perspective.

Video content has grown increasingly popular over the last few years with Forbes finding in 2017 that 64% of people are more likely to buy a product online after watching a related video about it. Indeed, product videos can help to increase purchases by 144 percent according to Neil Patel in 2017 with consumers seemingly appearing to enjoy this kind of content.

There is also another ingenious way to attract potential customers quickly, which allows businesses to leverage a tailored tool in which they can create fun incentives and competitions for their audience.

By allowing businesses to create competitions in order to attract active and legitimate buyers, Snizl is helping to lead the way when it comes to new and effective forms of organic advertising.

Businesses can even enjoy a non-obligation 30 day free trial so that they can experience for themselves how effective this is.

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