A look back at our Favourite Freebies

Deals, offers and even freebies can be a great tool for businesses to generate customers, or even create customer loyalty, though they can also help to promote the brand as a whole.

Over the years, many businesses have come up with some inspired giveaways and offers, some of which still remain today, due to the success of the offer – even, as you will find out if you read on, have become a key part of their product offering!

We take a fond look back of some of the best giveaway’s around the world by companies over the years, across the retail and hospitality sectors in particular.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy

While theoretically, this is an American company, it still has a global reach and is especially popular in the UK. But when the fast food behemoth first brought out a free toy to entice children to want their ‘Happy Meals’, also a value meal in itself, their popularity spread like wildfire.

Where they were clever was when they would have a set of toys and would release a new one every couple of weeks to ensure repeat business from the same customers, which has proven to be a masterstroke over the years.

Iams’s Frisbees

The dog food manufacturer cleverly found a way to help reposition itself at the top of the market when it gave away free dog frisbees, though in the shape of a weight to remind people that their pet food was “stronger” than any of the other brands. 

These were given out to dog owners in dog parks in Australia in a marketing move which significantly paid off with subsequent sales increasing considerably, due to the brand loyalty that had already been created because customers already had their ‘freebie’.

General Electric’s Comic Books

Perhaps not a combination that you would put together, it seemed the electrical giant also tried its hand at publishing in the 1950s when it started giving out comic books to customers. 

In what was a clever move, the company hired the same artists who worked on the design of the Batman comics to make them look as authentic as possible. 

While perhaps unconventional this marketing tactic proved to be a masterstroke with the company’s stock price shooting through the roof following this. It is likely to come as no surprise that these comics are now valuable collectors items as well.

Y+ Yoga Straws

The Chinese based yoga company launched arguably one of the smartest and even coolest marketing giveaways in 2017 when they had special straws made which summed up what they are all about.

These straws were handed out to customers in local juice bars and on the bend of the straw was an image of someone bending (as if doing yoga) the more that you bent it. The idea was that good that it attracted attention from the Culture Trip who recommended the yoga studio as one of the best places to visit for 2017.

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