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1,000 Followers in 14 Days: A Snizl Success Story

Success comes in many forms on Snizl. Followers, Impressions, Views and Claims. This is ArtiCrafts‘ Success Story.

Fire is followers and Competitions is the fuel. When a business Posts a Competition on Snizl, to our already Competition-interested audience, it won’t be long until you’ve got a following to sell to.

This is the case with ArtiCrafts on Snizl. ArtiCrafts is an independent business that joined Snizl on 26th March 2021.

in just 14 days, ArtiCrafts gained a whopping 1,000 followers.

Selling stunning handmade jewellery, this is ArtiCrafts' business page - a Snizl Success Story
Selling stunning handmade jewellery, this is ArtiCrafts’ business page – a Snizl Success Story

How did they gain nearly 1k followers in under 2 weeks? By using our Viral Competition method.

I’ve worked in business management in one form or another for most of my working life, more recently running millinery suppliers, supplying feathers and other embellishments for the millinery trade via the internet, phone and in exhibitions, including designing some of the products sold. I have always been someone who likes to create nice things – whether it is revamping old furniture or designing my own makes (clothing etc). I did a GCSE in Art in 1996, gaining an A*, where my exam project was producing jewellery items, marketing and display/selling materials and catalogues.

– Barbara Norrie, Owner of ArtiCrafts

ArtiCrafts got off to an excellent start due to posting a Competition…

ArtiCrafts Posted a Competition on 28th March 2021, just two days after they joined.

Although it wasn’t live for a long time, they instantly raked in an impressive 350+ followers.

Their first Competition to win a stunning piece of jewellery from their handmade collection gathered 3.8k Post Views and 1k impressions on the feed.

Thanks to the marketing department at Snizl, getting to work including the Competition in a marketing email to over a quarter of a million users (a Premium Plan benefit) – ArtiCrafts’ follower count soared.

ArtiCrafts' First Competition Post on Snizl gained them an incredible amount of followers considering the length of the Competition.
ArtiCrafts’ First Competition Post on Snizl gained them an incredible amount of followers considering the length of the Competition.

I heard about Snizl on Facebook, so thought I would give it a go – my followers rose quite steadily in the first few days, so decided to upgrade to Premium. I initially was puzzled, as I thought it was a selling platform, but I am happy that it is a promotional tool.

– Barbara Norrie, Owner of ArtiCrafts

The first Snizl Success Story was irresistibleā€¦

ArtiCrafts must have found the dynamic of our Platform irresistible, as they were quick to Post yet another Competition very shortly after their first Competition ended.

With their new Competition now live on the feed and with a longer period of time set for interested compers to enter, it’s like De Ja Vu.

In just 6 days, their total follower count hit 1,000.

ArtiCrafts' set up yet another Competition, knowing that it generates people to sell to.
ArtiCrafts’ set up yet another Competition, knowing that it generates people to sell to.

Their second Competition gained 2.1k Views (the number of people who have Clicked on the Post) and 1.5k Impressions (the number of people who have seen the Post on the feed).

Want to see your stats on Snizl? View your analytics dashboard.

I’m amazed at the number of followers. I have read most of the comments from my Competitions and see that people say they like what I produce. I now do Boosts to my followers where I think it is feasible.

– Barbara Norrie, Owner of ArtiCrafts

Why is having 1000 followers so beneficial?

When a business gains followers on Snizl, it’s way more beneficial than you first may have thought.

The followers don’t just sit there with no purpose.

Business owners have the ability to Boost their normal Deals and Promotions to these followers’ phones, tablets and other devices – which creates leads and sales for the business.

Think about that for a second. Each follower you gain is another device to Push notifications to, telling them about your latest products, business announcements, Competitions, offers and more!

You can do this over and over again, so your audience just keeps building.

Get into a rhythm like ArtiCrafts, and you’ve struck gold

Although it’s not a must to Post a Competition, it is a fast track to better results you won’t want to miss out on.

You have nothing to lose (apart from the prizes you’re giving away of course, which, in a handmade businesses’ case, a little goes a long way).

Offering something from ArtiCrafts (in this case, a handmade ring) gives the impression the business is thoughtful, honest, and promotes its products all at the same time – a win-win.

Then, with this audience of people who are not only interested in Competitions but interested in handmade jewellery – it’s the perfect audience to market back to. Genius! (if we do say so our selves).

I think the Snizl platform is value for money, but it is early days yet. I would recommend Snizl to others!

– Barbara Norrie, Owner of ArtiCrafts

You’re not on your own, we’re backing you all the way

So you’ve got the hang of what it takes to generate a following. But we want to reiterate that behind the scenes, the Snizl team are on your side.

We’re working away sharing, promoting and marketing your business further so that not just your Competition, but your other Posts, which are going to generate you monetary value for your business, like Deals & Promotions, are shared and promoted just as much.

We understand that it’s all well and good having a high follower count, but if it’s not generating revenue for your business – what’s the point? At times like these, revenue generation is a must because real families are behind our businesses.

That’s why we’re supporting our independent businesses on our marketing platform to generate leads so that you can take over at the final moment and turn that lead into a sale.

It’s what we do.

We’re here to provide the interested audience.

And, our dedicated support team are only a few clicks away should you need any other advice, help or guidance.

There’s more…

Even though our efforts are made behind the scenes, we can guarantee you will not miss an update!

We take every opportunity to slide into your email inbox with brand new updates about your business on Snizl.

New followers, when we’ve shared your Post on social media and when your business has been included in our emails to over a quarter of a million Snizl users.

We just prefer the idea of business owners having all the data and information right there in front of you so you can focus on running your business.

However (small sales pitch warning)

Premium Plan members do have a certain level of advantage – because there’s over 4,000 businesses on our platform and only so many spaces in our promotional efforts.

So, to grab a space in our social media posts, marketing emails to over a quarter of a million users, and all our other methods of boosting your success, join Premium.

Ā£10.00 a month. The cost of a Cadbury Freddo per day.

That’s it, sales pitch over. Short and sweet.

You’re one decision away from having your own Snizl Success Story

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This Snizl Success Story is taken from a real business on Snizl. If you’d also like us to write about your success on Snizl, get in contact.

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