5 Ways to Do Video Marketing On a Budget

Content marketing is all that any of us are interested in right now and one of the most engaging forms of that is video marketing. But as we all know, recording and editing equipment and software can often be expensive, adding a costly price tag to working video into your marketing strategy. But it doesn’t have to be! Here’s how to do it on a budget.

Redefine video

One of the great things is that definitions aren’t as strict as they once were. Moving pictures don’t have to just be about video. GIF’s, boomerangs and stringing together multiple stills to create engaging content are all great ways of grabbing viewers’ attention.

Keep it real

Whereas people were once interested in a hollywood-esque aesthetic with perfection at every step of the way, the transparency created by our digital world has led to a much more au naturel approach. People are interested in seeing reality, not fakery, so much less professional looking (and therefore less expensive) videos can still do the trick.

Make it short and sweet

Consumer attention spans are shortening every day and with so much content being fired at them, it’s hardly a surprise. Why increase your costs by saying in 30 seconds what you could say 10?

Use modern technology

There’s no need to waste time and effort on manual labour when it comes to video. Advancements are happening all the time in editing software and automation. Save your resources and let some smart technology do the hard work for you.

Play around

While video used to be a long process of creating and reviewing, today’s marketers can use automation to carry out testing and measure performance on a much more efficient level. Don’t assume that the first try is the best one and instead try a few different ways to up your engagement, considering things like seasonal campaigns and interaction.

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