Celebrating over 300,000 Snizl Users

After a whirlwind of a year, at Snizl, we’re celebrating. Why? Because even though just 4 months ago we reached a milestone of 250,000 Users, we’ve recently hit 300,000!

Of course, in some ways, it’s a bittersweet celebration. 2020 has been challenging for many. So before we go on, we’d like to give thanks to the vital people that kept the country going during unprecedented times.

Thank you, Key Workers; nurses, doctors, surgeons, bus drivers, taxi drivers, supermarket assistants, teachers and all of the other vital roles played during the pandemic.

As a nation, we couldn’t have done it without you.

As a dedicated team, we’re proud we could provide a service to so many independent businesses and members of the public throughout the spread of the virus.

By the dedication of our team here at Snizl, we were able to uphold an online community of compers, shoppers and independent businesses when being part of a physical community seemed a thing of the past.

Thanks to the vaccine, the end of the suffering is near. And at what a better time than the New Year.

Let us all raise a glass – we’ve all got something to be proud of.

What’s next?

Our next milestone will be to hit 500,000 Snizl Users. So that we can equip even more fantastic business owners and entrepreneurs with a tailored audience who are interested in what they’re offering.

As for our rapidly-growing user base, we welcome you all with open arms and hope you enjoy an authentic, smooth and unique experience on Snizl!

Get involved…

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