What is a Snizl Post?

A Snizl Post is an update about what your business is offering. It can be in the form of a Deal (monetary saving off a product or service) or a Promotion (any announcement you wish to make about your business).

When you have created it and click ‘Post’, it will go live on the Snizl feed for Snizl Users to see. We have over 300,000 Snizl Users signed up to our eCommerce website, so make sure it’s high quality and super engaging – first impressions always count in marketing!

Post your product/service to Snizl for FREE and have your brand seen by 300,000 Snizl users.

Plan difference with Posting

Using the standard Plan, you have the opportunity to market your product for free to our incredible, interactive and engaged audience, using a selection of original unique features.

With the Premium Plan, you’ll have access to even more high-performing features. We’re always going back to the drawing board with these, making sure they’re at their highest possible standard to ensure success when creating sales for businesses. And, at just £10.00 per month, the Premium Plan will never leave a dent in your budget.

Where do your Posts go?

Posts are made live on the Snizl Feed which is an online market place for businesses to market and sell their products and services.

Depending on whether you’ve created a Deal or Promotion, or set a time limit on your Post using the date and time section, you Post will either stay on the feed permanently or expire after a certain amount of time.

Check the FREE Analytics Dashboard to see who has clicked on your post, who has viewed your Post and who has gone through to perform an extended action beyond Snizl from your Post (for instance if you’ve linked your website).

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Watch our short clip below demonstrating just how to create your first Post on Snizl

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