The Best Way to Promote your Business in 2021

So, it’s official. After a long year of which at some points felt like we were trapped in groundhog day, 2020 is finished. Done. Gone. Kaput.

It’s with great pleasure we all say our goodbye’s to 2020 and start to move forward in all kinds of ways into the new year. Medically, financially, emotionally…

For you and your business, entering a new year should be an inspiring concept. A time to take what you’ve learnt from the previous year and put it in to practice. A time to take even more risks. Or even a time to start fresh completely and endeavour on an exciting new business journey.

Whatever your goals are as a business owner and entrepreneur in 2021, we’re confident that with dedication, a detailed plan and of course some clever and creative marketing, you can and will achieve.

– Statista

Digital Marketing in 2021

Heading into a new year should mean you’re willing to discover better ways of doing business.

If you want to continue to see growth for your business, reach a wider audience and increase sales, it’s vital your digital marketing is at a high standard.

Businesses owners now, while still in lockdown, are conscious to the fact that soon will come a day when everything opens back up.

Retail, restaurants, bars, shopping centres, clubs, leisure centres, sports stadiums and every other business which once shut its doors at the command of COVID-19 will open up once again to the general public.

Business will be booming. Much like the 4th July when everything finally opened again in the height of summer. Yes, a percentage of the general public was apprehensive about going back to ‘normal’ and we should expect to see that again this time around. But – a large number of people did grasp freedom with two hands, and thus we saw restaurants fully-booked, bouncers outside of bars and gymnasium doors open.

This time around, it won’t be such a temporary shift to life before COVID as permanent steps are beginning to unfold. The vaccine is now being slowly but surely distributed to members of the public and therefore the end of the health crisis is on the very near horizon, despite recent tier restrictions.

It’s crucial as a business owner that you do not miss such a prosperous time for Britain. Put your business at the centre of the hustle and bustle by immersing yourself into digital marketing.

Take advantage of the fact that 84% of the population in Britain owns a smartphone and advertise directly to them.

With consistency and a healthy dose of effective social media marketing, you’ll begin to see a boost in business.

– Smart Insights

Online Marketing for your Business explained…

As mentioned in a previous blog of ours, 65% of the population want to support independent businesses in the UK. And 87% of UK households have made regular online purchases within the past 12 months.

Combine those two stats and you have a healthy figure which indicates that a large amount of the population are willing and want to buy online from independent businesses. Which must mean they want to be exposed to more promotion from independent businesses online, right?

At Snizl, we’ve made it super simple to do just that. We’ve spent years crafting our website so that it gives independent businesses an advantage they never had before.

Lately, due to COVID and more people sitting indoors at home we’ve seen a rapid influx of new users. What does that mean for you? Well, growth in users can only mean one thing – more people seeing your business Posts*.

Want to to promote your business in 2021? Put your brand in front of 300,000+ shoppers.

*Posts are updates about what your business is offering. They can be in the form of a Deal (monetary saving off a product or service) or a Promotion (any announcement you wish to make about your business). When you have created a Post, it will go live on the Snizl feed for Snizl Users to see. You can also customise who you want to see your Post with Premium.

You already have access to 300,000 users – yes, read that number again – 300,000 Snizl Users, people like me and you (after working hours) interested in online shopping scrolling, clicking and viewing Posts on the feed, in real-time.

If you have a business page on Snizl, you have access to that number right now, without a direct debit or a complicated contract.

That’s just how we do things at Snizl.

We’re offering you an audience of that size for free because we care. And we want to see independent businesses flourish in 2021 and give the supply of independent business’ products to the huge nation-wide online demand.

You see, we understand that it can take years to build a following on social media. Months to establish brand recognition and weeks to get a slot in the yellow pages or for your friends of friends to discover your business.

We cut all of that time waiting, out. So all you have to do is start Posting.

300,000 potential customers on a plate aren’t the only thing we offer…

It’s an astounding audience but we know business just isn’t as simple as just putting your brand in front of 300,000 people.

To encapsulate customers enough to make that all-important final sale, your marketing and sales funnel needs to be tip-top. A process which guides the customer from beginning to end, providing them with a positive, memorable, tidy buying experience.

That’s why we have 11 bold, bright, high-performing features which all come together to create the ultimate Snizl Post and work to increase sales for businesses just like yours, backed up by multiple case studies done in the past.

Use our high-performing marketing features to promote your business in 2021

Finally, thank you…

We wouldn’t be here today without our businesses. So thank you. As long as incredible independent businesses keep joining Snizl to utilize our platform aiding their journey to success, we’ll keep pumping away to grow an even bigger audience for you to market to.

Reaching 300,000 Snizl Users is a massive milestone for us and we’re not planning on slowing down any time soon.

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Hi Pete! Thanks for commenting. Your Business Posts get posted to our 300,000 Snizl Users. Snizl Users are people like you and me (out of working hours, of course) shopping, scrolling and clicking on the Snizl Feed. When they see a business Post and are interested in it, they then have the choice to click on this Post, head to the businesses website and/or purchase the item/service in the Post etc.

The marketing team at Snizl also work to promote businesses Posts on our social media, we have just under 10k followers on Facebook.

We’re a marketing platform who serve independent businesses and work to drive traffic and sales for these businesses. It’s free to join or just £10.00 per month – but upgrading is always optional.

Want to know more? Give us an email at [email protected] or head to to sign your business up for 2021 and start making vital marketing moves for the New Year 🙂

Have a great day and once again thanks for commenting!

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