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Dedicated Emails: an Opportunity to get Seen by More

Dedicated Emails: an Opportunity to get Seen by More

As an entrepreneur and business owner, do you ever feel like your product and brand is worthy of success, but just isn’t hitting the mark you’d like? Are you passionate about attracting more customers but not sure where to start?

We at Snizl now offer the Dedicated Email service. This is an email marketing service where a business owner creates a Post on Snizl, sends us an image and a description of their Post, and we will create a dedicated email with the chosen information featuring the content!

The link will go directly to the Snizl Post, and you’ll be able to see all analytics in the Analytics Dashboard. Highlighting how drastically the Post performs after being sent to our mail list of over 300,000+ Snizl Users.

Yes, that’s correct. 300,000+ Snizl Users are signed up to our mailing list, and with Dedicated Emails, your Post is the only piece of content being sent within the email.

It’s specific. It’s to the point. It’s exclusive to your brand. We guarantee your Post data will increase by a vast percentage. Meaning more leads, conversions and ultimately, sales!

Dedicated Emails Example: Send your Post content and a link to your business in an email to over 300k Snizl Users
Example of Dedicated Emails and what it will look like to an email receiver

Prices for Dedicated Emails

Lower than standard benchmark prices for email advertising and slots in e-magazines, our discounted price for a Dedicated Email is £149.00, down from £349.00.

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