How this one marketing technique can dramatically put you ahead of your competition in the New Year 

Every business is always on the lookout for the next smart techniques when it comes to marketing and promoting their products and services and each year, thanks to developments in technology, new and more creative methods are released to the marketplace.

Upgrades in technology are generally met with mixed opinions about how effective these really are and whether the field of marketing has become too overcomplicated. However, there have been a number of methods over the years which have really helped businesses to experience considerable growth.

Each year, new marketing trends are discovered, not necessarily new platforms, but new ways of advertising in order to increase business. One of the major headaches for businesses is discovering ways in which to increase their margin when it comes to advertising spend and there is always a few novel ways in order to take advantage, however, each method usually has a shelf life. Let’s take a look at the technique which you could use in the New Year for your business to steal a march on your competition.

Instagram (not what you might think)

This won’t necessarily work for every business, however, if you are a start-up e-commerce company, for example, this method will certainly help you to find highly targeted customers, however, if you do it yourself, this can be time-consuming, so how do you create a margin?

The first thing to do is register an Instagram business account (in fact you are allowed to create up to 10, though using variations of names). What this does is firstly help to establish your social signals, but also can help you to start trending if people randomly hashtag your Instagram account name (doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as your business name) by accident.

Secondly, by conducting a search on Instagram to find companies who do the same or similar thing as you will enable you to discover those company’s followers, which will give you an idea of how successful your product may be. 

As a result of this, you can then buy followers, which will help to increase your credibility for when potential customers visit your page, however the step before this requires you to contact every follower of your customer’s Instagram account though, you need to have a funnelled script in mind.

They are obviously already interested in the product, so the chances are, they would be interested in yours so approaching them in the right way is key. Not everyone will respond, or indeed be interested, though if you are able to get 10 customers per day and offer them a great experience, you could well build up considerable repeat business. 

Sounds easy right? It can be laborious, so outsourcing is one of the best ways to approach this, though, revisiting the earlier potential concern about it eating into margins is one that is easily addressed. Using the platform Upwork, you can significantly reduce your spend by hiring individuals in the Philippines (where the cost of living is considerably lower) and hire them on a rolling contract. 

If you draw up a tailored script, giving them access to your Instagram account they will contact each of your competitor’s followers, without making a huge dent. This is definitely one highly innovative method that could help to make a difference for businesses in the New Year.

Sound too complicated though? If you don’t quite feel as though you are able to execute this, Snizl already has a qualified customer base who enjoy entering competitions. This simply requires you to build a competition very easily on the platform, confidently knowing that you have over 100,000 interested customers who are active buyers. Get your free non-obligatory 30 day trial and experience great results for the New Year!

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