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Spare 5 Minutes? Sell For Free To An Audience Of Over 200,000 Users

Broadcasting what your business has to offer has never been so simple. With our quick and easy business set up, you can instantly start posting Deals, Promotions, Competitions and Events to our 200,000 users and sell for free forever.

Sell From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

We understand some businesses aren’t running as usual, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing business. Think ahead. Use this time as an advantage. Build and gain followers on Snizl by sharing your Snizl business page on your social media. Encourage friends and family to do so too for maximum exposure. This will mean that when business is back up and running, you’ll have an audience you can notify and communicate with directly when special offers are on, or just to tell them your showroom is back open (for example)!

You will not find the ability to do this on any other marketing platform at absolutely no cost. We’re determined to give independent businesses the head start they need to continue being successful especially during lockdown.

What Do I Need To Do?

The trick to being successful on Snizl is to post, post, post. You have your brand, and among your local community, you may have brand recognition. But when you introduce yourself onto a platform with users who may not recognise your brand, a key way you’re going to prove your business is trustworthy and legit, is by posting good quality Deals, Promotions and Competitions regularly.

Anyone has the ability to post good quality content. It isn’t difficult, nor scary. We’ve tested and adjusted our site for over 4 years so reaching a new audience to sell too is as quick and easy as possible.

Skip the rest, I want to sign up/start posting for free.

More Detail:

The title needs to be enticing and sum up the information in your description. If there’s a sale on, the title on a Deal is where you mention how much you’re saving. If you’re announcing something to do with your product or service, the title on a Promotion is where you’d want to emphasise this as much as possible.

Choose a Post Type depending on what you want to share with Snizl users.

Don’t be afraid to show your business message and personality in the description! We want our users to feel and get to know the brilliant businesses posting on our feed. Describe the product or service you’re offering in detail, you can use the descriptions from your website if you wish.

Have an enticing title explaining loosely about what you’re offering. Go into more detail in the description. If it’s a Deal you’re posting, don’t be afraid to use ‘SALE’ to alert our users along with the title!

Set the duration of your post. If it’s a promotion, leave it on for a couple of months! This will ensure that users who visit your business page get to see what your business has been up to over the past few months. Put a deal up for the length of time a product or service has a sale on.

Our website allows you to post in real-time and set end times. So users don’t get confused and ask about expired sales or promotions!

Images need to be clear and related to what you’re offering. Besides, it’s the first thing anyone looks at! If your image is sparkling along with all of the above, there’s an even higher chance of users clicking through to your website.

Clear images sell.

Input a phone number in the contact details section. This will allow users to contact you quickly and easily. You can also put your website in this section, allowing users to visit and check out other products/services your business may be offering and therefore interested in buying.

Add in your contact details and, voila!

Once you’ve completed your post, share it on your social media and have friends and family do the same to spread the word. This will combine potential and existing customers on Snizl and social media to give you an even bigger audience.

A Promotion on Snizl explaining that their business is back open after 3 weeks of not operating due to Coronavirus.

A Post A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

If you can do all this for free, ask yourself, why wouldn’t you give it a go?

Our feeds have new Posts added every single day from across the country, so to stay at the top of the feed, in full view of Snizl users, you need to ensure you’re posting at least 3-4 times a week, more if you have the time!

Posting to Snizl regularly is a great way of building rapport with Snizl users. Let it become part of your routine and start your journey to attracting thousands of new and potential customers!

Our mission to offer Snizl to businesses for free has been a successful one so far. Every day we’re trying to spread the word and gather feedback to make our system easier and quicker than ever to use, so you don’t waste any time sign up and sell for free or create a post!

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