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Covid-19 Business Survival Plan

There are two things a business owner and business leader can do during the Covid-19 crisis:

1. Do nothing and wait for it all to be over and then try to get your business back on track.


2. Be proactive and use the time to work on your business ensuring it’s ready for the return to some sort of normality.

If you want to be proactive you can do the following four things:

1. Lead your team

As a leader in times like these, you have to set an example and step up as colleagues and customers are relying on you. You cannot be the one who is ‘downbeat’, you need to show resilience and keep the business functioning in some capacity and keep colleagues motivated and informed.

It is also important that you look after yourself to enable you to lead a business. Make sure you exercise, have the correct nutrition, and get enough rest. Keeping a structure to your day will also enable you to have the right mindset.

2. Cash Flow

As a business leader, you will be or should be aware of your numbers and I would recommend that you have a survival plan to last this period of uncertainty. The Government is helping businesses and you should be fully aware of what you can claim. This period shouldn’t stop you from chasing outstanding invoices to ensure you can survive.

If you’d like to apply for a grant from the government or for more information on this, visit the Covid-19 business support grant funding page.

You should try and adapt your business by introducing new products, using different delivery methods, and introduce new ways of communicating with existing and potential clients.

Visit our short blog explaining how to set up a delivery service for your business.

3. Marketing

It is very easy at the moment to do no marketing as it saves costs and you can convince yourself that nobody is buying at the moment.

But, it is proven that organisations that have a business plan and market themselves through any difficult national crisis come out the other side in a better position.

If you are waiting for things to get back to normal after Covid-19 as a lot of businesses will do, you will find yourself in the middle of the rush to sell products and services. All your competitors will be offering discounts, undercutting each other and there will be a lot of panic and noise.

There will be more businesses marketing than before and you may see increased competition. More businesses will fail as a result of the market being saturated.

I would recommend you do something now while your competitors are quiet – fill your pipeline and increase outbound activity. Identify customers that are specific and relevant to your business and understand their current problems and articulate a solution to them.

Work on your messaging as clients currently will want empathy, security and stability. Speak their language and increase relevancy to them and how to solve their problems.

Quick Tip – depending on your business you can still reach engaged audiences (they may be more engaged now than ever) via Regional Press, Radio, Social Media, email marketing campaigns and via Snizl.

4. A free marketing solution and attracting a new audience

While most independent businesses worldwide are on standby, you as a business owner have the chance to get ahead and find ways to market your product/service. Attracting a new audience in which you can sell your product to is an important part of this.

You don’t have to spend a budget which you may not have on advertising to gain a larger audience or spread the word of your business. Snizl can do that for you. The 200,000 users already signed up to the platform are accessible at the touch of a button. You’ll be able to communicate with an audience interested in what you’re offering, directly alerting them to any new offers, sales or promotions.

Each post takes just 5 minutes to create and with the ability to share your posts on social media you can widen your audience over several different platforms in seconds.

There’s never been a better time to market your product or service from the comfort of your own home – all you need is a decent wifi connection. No debit cards, No tricks, No fees. Snizl is free to use. Our loyal users are waiting.

If you’d like to start running your business before the ‘mad-rush’ when lockdown comes to an end, communicating with an audience of thousands without spending a penny, visit the Snizl website.

use Snizl in your business survival plan to be successful after COVID-19

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