3 Top Tips for Marketing Research

There’s no denying that we’re well and truly in the digital age and with that brings a mass load of data available at every marketers fingertips. But with so much information available, it does raise the question of how to carry out marketing research effectively. Is the vast amount of information our friend or does it basically bury the useful information among the masses? Well here’s how to separate the valuable from the noise, and how to navigate marketing research in a changing world.

Create new advertising strategies

The post-GDPR world we now live in has presented a rather challenging obstacle when it comes to research. But instead of focusing on the people, focus on what they’re looking at. Sure, you may not now be able to collect data on who they are, but utilising tools such as Google AdSense, can make for very effective contextual advertising.

Focus on placing adverts within a relevant context, rather than for the intended audience. If your target market are interested in the things you believe they are, then they’ll still see it with this approach.

Narrow your research

With so much information available, it often doesn’t help to view your audience as one broad spectrum. Segment your target consumers and consider more niche factors in order to market more effectively.

And don’t just leave it to the marketing people to choose the target audience. Liaise with the wider business, as other teams may have ideas that you could’ve missed.

Use modern solutions

The problems that we face in this day and age can be related to social media, pop-up blocker and influencers, all of which were not problems 10 years ago. So with so many new challenges to face, don’t assume that the same old solutions will suffice.

Instead, make use of modern solutions like predictive analytics to learn about customer behaviour and be sure to optimise on every tool and tactic that’s available to you.

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