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5 Effective Ways Of Using Snizl

There are many avenues to go down when considering selling your product or service online. With Snizl, we’ve made it simple and easy to grow your audience and your business, all in one place. In this blog, we’ll dive into detail guiding you through 5 effective ways of using Snizl, so that you can make the most out of our digital platform.

Whether you’re new to Snizl and are yet to sign your business up, or, if you’ve been with us for a while and want to understand how to get even more out of Snizl, the points below describe in-depth how you can utilise Snizl to widen your audience and increase sales.

Repeat posting for the same offer

As an independent business, you may not have the means to offer a range of different deals and offers regularly, this shouldn’t negatively affect the performance of sales though. An effective way of using snizl is to post repeat posts for the same offering.

The one thing that Snizl users subconsciously look for when shopping on the Snizl feed is high-quality posts. Therefore, if you repeat the same Deal with a different, short and snappy title, an in-depth description and with a different yet high-quality image, your Deal should see better results than if you were to post it just once. This also means your Deal is appearing more frequently on Snizl feed, increasing the chances of clickthroughs and therefore, sales.

Posting regularly on Snizl and keeping that consistency increases the number of Snizl followers, increases views and helps you to gain more sales than if you only posted once a week, for example.

continuous posting for the same offer is an effective way of using Snizl
Posting the same Deal multiple times is OK to do. Ensure you change the title, description and images and keep them high quality. It’s simple: the more frequently you post, the more engagement you will have!

A set of posts followed by a bundle deal

This effective way of using Snizl can be done in either a set of Deal Posts or Promotion Posts. Let’s say you sell cupcakes, with each cupcake at £1.50, list each flavour cupcake on the Snizl feed as a Promotion Post. Then, after you’ve listed all of the flavours, post a Deal Post offering a discount to a bundle of these cupcakes.

As we said before, repeat posting can increase your chances of user views on Snizl and again, sales. So, listing everything you’re offering then posting a Deal bundle to round it up over a number of days will have customers and potential customers excited for the next.

Listing products and services individually, and then rounding it off with a bundle Deal, not only increases the chance to make sales but it will also be the beginning of a formation of your very own personalised audience who are interested in the Deals and Promotions you have to offer.

Posting products/services onto Snizl as Promotion Posts then offering a bundle Deal is an effective way of using Snizl. Your business will gain more traction, views, and engagement.

Use Promotion Posts to create anticipation for an upcoming Deal

Before deciding what offers and savings to put on your product or service, it’s a great idea to plan how you’re going to spread the word about said offers. If you’re planning on just posting a deal with no promotion or build-up, it’ll do good, but it’s unlikely that it’ll do amazingly. This is because you haven’t built an audience yet who are interested in the saving they can make. So, if you want amazing results, build enthusiasm and a ‘hype’ around the upcoming offer.

Using Promotion posts to encourage this ‘hype’ creates exciting audience anticipation for the upcoming Deal. Emphasising the up-coming Deal in Promotion Posts in the days leading up to posting it will lead to Snizl users following your business so that they don’t miss out.

Let’s say you’re offering 50% off sitewide. In the week leading up to this offer, why not create a few Promotion Posts reminding Snizl users and potential customers about this unmissable offer. With titles such as ‘Keep your eyes peeled for our 50% OFF deal!’ or ‘Follow us to be reminded of the 50% off SALE!’.

Why is it effective? When Snizl users follow your business page, you have the ability to send push notifications to them about Deals and Promotions in the future. This will not only come in handy for this Deal but having followers to send notifications to will benefit your Post success in the future too.

It’s a perfect way of building and retaining an audience to sell to and engage with, unlike any other selling platform out there.

Create buildup using Promotion posts to create anticipation for a Deal Post.

Host a Competition

Competitions are a brilliant way to get your brand out in front of new audiences, build followers and increase custom. Although, they do require a significant amount of time, tacking and planning. With Snizl though, we do the hard part of hosting competitions for you.

There’s no need to create a competition post on social media and hope that word spreads and you get a couple of entrees, Snizl allows you to build a Competition from scratch as you would with a Deal or Promotion Post. Enter the title, description, how long you want the Competition to run for and add high-quality images.

We automatically count the entrees and give you a personalised link to share the competition across your social media sites. It’s essential you utilise your social media platforms and combine these audiences with the 200,000+ audience on Snizl. Sharing your Posts to social media will only benefit and increase the reach of your business on Snizl. You could promote your Snizl competition even further and send a marketing email and including the Snizl Competition link.

When the winner is drawn you’ll be notified via email and then it’s over to you to communicate with the winner and send out their prize.

The benefit of hosting a Competition on Snizl is that we already have an audience on Snizl waiting for new Competition posts to be added to the feed. And when the hundreds of thousands of possible users enter your Competition, they’ll automatically be following your business.

What does that mean for you? Well, as mentioned before when Snizl users are following your business, you’ll be able to send out direct push notifications to their phone about Deals and Promotions you have on thus increasing engagement, views and sales.

If you don’t have the means to give away something big, don’t worry, little competitions have the potential to do just as good with the support of fantastic high-quality imagery, a detailed title and description, and creating Promotion Posts reminding Snizl users about your Competition.

With Snizl Competitions you will…

Build a loyal following of Snizl users you can sell to in the future.

Increase engagement with your other Posts on Snizl.

List every product and service you sell on Snizl

With Snizl, you can use our platform to list every single product and service you’re offering – even on the free plan. By doing this, you’ll be increasing exposure of products and services which means you’ll have increased views, engagements and sales. You can check these in the ‘Dashboard’.

When you’ve listed everything into separate Deal and Promotion posts, you can then decide, depending on the success of the Post, when to Boost your Posts. Boosting your Posts can be done in 3 different ways separately, or together. If you make the wise decision to share on social media, you’ll be attracting an audience on social media as well as our Snizl users from the main feed, doubling your audience reach!

Secondly, you can push your Post to the top of the Snizl feed. This is great if you listed your product some time ago, but want to push it back to the top of the feed without re-doing the Post. Another brilliant way of maximising exposure of the Promotion or Deal.

Thirdly, you can send out your Deal or Promotion via push notification, as mentioned before, this tool is effective because it goes directly to the Snizl users phone or device, making it unmissable for the receivers, and is statistically proven more effective than any email marketing you may handle yourself.

If a Post has ended and you’d like it back up, use the ‘Repost’ button under ‘Manage’ in the ‘Inactive’ section of Posts.

(Remember, although it’s a handy feature to Repost a Snizl Post, all of the information needs to be accurate for your customers, so, if you do use this tool and then go on to using a Boost feature, check the details in the post are all correct!)

If your business has a lot of products and services and it’d take too long to post them all, trickle them in each day. Spend half an hour a day posting to Snizl. This is an effective way of staying frequent on the Snizl feed for our 200,000 users+ to see, and it’ll build up your business page, where Snizl users can view all Posts like a website.

If you don’t have a website, don’t worry! Listing all of your products on Snizl means that when a Snizl user visits your business page, they’ll be able to see everything you’ve posted. That’s why it’s a good idea to get everything your business is offering up on Snizl, so potential customers don’t miss a thing.

List all of your products and services on Snizl for maximum exposure
Post all of your products/services on to Snizl so Snizl users can visit your business page and have everything you have to offer at their finger tips!

Learnt something new? We’d love to hear from you!

If this article helped you in discovering some new and effective ways of using the Snizl platform, please email us at [email protected] and explain how – we’d love to hear how you get on using our system, we believe it’s super simple and easy to be successful at selling online, even if you’re not a pro already! And, if you’re still not sure, we’d love to explain further.

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