Snizl Success stories

Cool Results from another Independent Business using Snizl to Sell

Cool Chilli T-Shirts on Snizl, yet another independent business formed in lockdown ruling what it means to be a forward-thinking small business using the Snizl Platform to sell products during the pandemic. We spoke to the owner of Cool Chilli T-Shirts, Jacques, a few weeks ago after noticing his rapid success using Snizl. Cool Chilli […]


Over a Quarter of a Million People to advertise to, for the cost of a Freddo per day

Now we know there’s a slight stigma surrounding the ever-rising price of a Freddo due to inflation. But, as it stands, Freddo’s are around 25 – 30p on the shelf. When thinking about your business as an entrepreneur, is the cost of a Freddo per day worth it if what you get in return is […]


What is a Snizl Post?

A Snizl Post is an update about what your business is offering. It can be in the form of a Deal (monetary saving off a product or service) or a Promotion (any announcement you wish to make about your business). When you have created it and click ‘Post’, it will go live on the Snizl […]

Business Marketing

5 Effective Ways Of Using Snizl

There are many avenues to go down when considering selling your product or service online. With Snizl, we’ve made it simple and easy to grow your audience and your business, all in one place. In this blog, we’ll dive into detail guiding you through 5 effective ways of using Snizl, so that you can make […]