The 18 Point Snizl Business Checklist

To appeal to customers your business has to be trustworthy. People shopping have plenty of different places they can find what they’re looking for, but only a certain amount of websites will be successful in making the sale. At Snizl, we’ve put together the Snizl Business Checklist to ensure you know exactly what makes a […]

Business Marketing

5 Effective Ways Of Using Snizl

There are many avenues to go down when considering selling your product or service online. With Snizl, we’ve made it simple and easy to grow your audience and your business, all in one place. In this blog, we’ll dive into detail guiding you through 5 effective ways of using Snizl, so that you can make […]


4 ways Deals & Offers can help take your business to new levels

Everyone loves a deal, especially if it is worth our while with a great deal of value attached to it! They are often a sure-fire way that businesses can attract customers through their doors and help them grow organically. It also gives them a chance to find out just how successful they are going to […]