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Better Product Photography: Snizl Learning

Has it crossed your mind why your website isn’t performing as you thought it would? Maybe you’re a passionate entrepreneur but despite all efforts, you’re struggling to establish a trusting audience and therefore, conversion rates are low…

There are a handful of reasons why this could be the case. But, one of the most common, and the reason why we’ve decided to put together our new, interactive Snizl Learning Course, is the issue with bad product photography.

With the rise of affiliate marketing, pyramid schemes and running your business solely from social media, there’s been a huge rise in unprofessional product photography.

Nice product photography by Anthropologie!
Some stunning Product Graphics by Anthropologie

Although the rise of these methods of being your own boss is fantastic and has allowed people with all kinds of skill sets to earn a living from the comfort of their homes, it means that we do sometimes see bad product photography and low-quality graphics.

It’s not that people have become lazy, it’s just that small business owners simply do not have the skill – and that’s no ones fault!

Also, customers are picky. They’re picky about where they spend their money and who they give it to. So, ultimately, to build trust and appear as a brand that boasts professionalism, it lies in the way your brand presents itself.

And the presentation, in this case, is how your imagery looks.

New Age Visuals

Today, with brands pulling out the most incredible product photography, admittedly, it is hard to keep up!

Smaller businesses with 1-5 people running the company may not have the time, resources or skill needed to compete.

We understand this struggle at Snizl – That’s why we’ve put together our brand new course, The Product Photography Course.

Boasting 20 different clips with voiceovers on each, we break down each stage of Product Photography.




Now, with a good phone camera, a white sheet as a backdrop, a laptop and Adobe Photoshop – you can take your products to the next level by creating flawless graphics.

We’ve broken down, into 20 clips, the basics in product image manipulation so that you can take, edit and upload imagery that sells to those oh-so-picky consumers!

Condensed, Pause + Play videos

Stop and start the clips as much as you like. Get up and make a coffee, or take a nap. Our course isn’t time-restricted, complete it in an hour or in a week – it’s down to you.

We’ve made it flexible around the busy lives of business owners and entrepreneurs so now there’s no excuse not to have stunning product graphics smothered all over your website for all to see and engage with😉

What to expect

Throughout the course, we introduce product photography and discuss why it’s important. We explain what’s needed to make a makeshift studio for taking imagery at home (which, might we add, is extremely simple and do-able).

In our Product Photography course, you should expect to see short, pause + play clips
Learn about the difference between good and bad Product Photography

We explain in detail how to create a template for a graphic being uploaded to a website and we dive into 3 different methods of cutting out products so you can place them onto a white background for neat, bright product graphics!

We then describe how to save graphics correctly ready for uploading to a website.

In our Product Photography course, you should expect to see short, pause + play clips

If you’re a business owner with a website where images look dark, have been taken poorly or the resolution is low, we give you all the tips needed to develop the skill to create incredible graphics for your brand!

Not only can you use these for your website, but you could go on to use this skill to create social media content to build a following on other digital platforms too.


While the course is worth £20.00, we’re offering it to you at half the price, £10.00. We want this type of skill and knowledge to be accessible to everyone and anyone because we believe in a level playing field in marketing.

Certificate awarded

At the end of the course, you’ll be sent a quiz to complete. Upon completion, you’ll receive a shiny certificate you can print out and display in-store, or provide access to customers online.

It’s a fantastic token signifying the hard work which goes into learning a new skill such as Product Photography and will act as a trust-building mechanism in itself. A certificate like that demonstrated to your audience that you’re a brand that cares about the production of its content, learning new things and providing quality to customers shows forward-thinking and incites trust!

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