Here’s how to Boost your Sales during the run up to Christmas…

Looking to gain more traffic to your website or small business? In this blog, we’ll explain short and simply how to boost your sales during the run-up to Christmas.

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The Snizl platform is completely free to use on the Standard Plan so no matter your budget you have the opportunity to grow fast and have your product/brand seen by hundreds of thousands of loyal Snizl Users.

It really is as simple as 1,2,3 getting your brand seen by over 250,000 shoppers.

The Premium Plan though gives entrepreneurs and business owners even more opportunity for success. With our simple yet effective, high-performance marketing features which have been crafted for success, £10.00 per month will allow your business to reach all-new heights – Just in time for Christmas.


Our Black Friday campaign saw us invite 4,000 businesses to Post their best Black Friday Deals to the Snizl Feed and the stats speak for themselves.

The success Snizl business owners saw during the run-up to Black Friday only means we should expect an influx of Posting during the month of December too.

Utilize and take advantage of our easy-to-use marketing platform and watch your Impressions, Views and Claims on Deals and Promotions rise exponentially!

Shh! Fashion

The brand specialising in discounted designer goods, Shh! Fashion joined Snizl back in September.

In just 3 months and by using Snizl to its full potential, Shh! Fashion has seen a huge spike in engagement.

Shh! Fashion ran a Competition to increase followers and create an audience to market to directly.

Snizl Competitions are one of the top ways to increase your followers quickly as each person who enters is automatically converted into a follower (unlike social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram).

Our automated Competition system handles everything for you and the marketing team work to promote your Competition while it’s running, so, all you have to do is offer a product of yours in the form of a Competition Post, share it to your social media and watch the engagement roll in.

Here’s an example of the level of engagement you have the potential to gain from offering a Competition on Snizl…

Impressive stats gained by hosting a Snizl Competition
Impressive stats gained by hosting a Snizl Competition

By creating a Competition early using Snizl, Shh! Fashion had just under 2,000 followers to push future Deals and Promotions too.

This massive following Shh! obtained in just a couple of weeks came in handy during the run-up to Black Friday. By acknowledging our encouragement to start a Black Friday Campaign using the Snizl Platform Shh! saw another increase in Engagement, clicks on Posts and saw a spike in sales and traffic to the website.

Marketing your products on Snizl throughout annual holidays can benefit your business and improve sales
Post Christmas Themed Deals & Promotions and gain engagement just like this!

Here, we present just one of Shh! Fashion’s Black Friday Deal Posts. 664 Snizl Users saw the Deal Post on the feed. 180 Snizl Users clicked the individual Deal Post to read and find out more and 10 of those Snizl Users went on to make a purchase via the website.

The traffic sources show where this traffic came from so business owners can better understand where an interested audience was generated.

These impressive stats show just how effective Posting and using Snizl to market your brand/product during popular annual holidays really is.

We have been using Snizl for a while now and the results have been excellent. I would recommend the upgraded account because the extra features are brilliant and have given me what my business needs to make sales and it’s only £10 per month.

– Richard Taylor Shh! Fashion

What are you waiting for?

Start Posting for Christmas now to see a boost in Impressions, Views and Claims!

Not sure where to start?

If you need help with how to post, read our Black Friday Marketing Campaign blog but apply it to Christmas, or alternatively, watch our collection of YouTube videos explaining how to improve your Business Page, create a Post and Boost Posts.

More impressive stats from Black Friday Posting…

Stats from independent businesses using Snizl to market their products during Black Friday
Stats from independent businesses using Snizl to market their products during Black Friday…

This collection of stats is from some other Independent Businesses’ Posts which were part of Black Friday Marketing Campaigns they ran using solely the Snizl platform.

Using Snizl to boost your sales during the run-up to Christmas couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is Post quality, consistently and you have the potential to see these kinds of stats for your business, providing a steady start into 2021.

Examples of how to boost your sales during the run-up to Christmas…

Below, we’ve given two examples of how to Post Deals and Promotion Posts during the run-up to Christmas.

Simply Posting like this throughout December will put your brand directly in front of 250,000+ Snizl Shoppers, increasing your chance of making sales and giving your business the boost it needs.

Examples of how to boost your sales during the run up to Christmas...

Upgrade to Premium for just £10.00 per month to take advantage of even more features which will boost stats further.

Upgrade for even more features which will boost success of your business

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