How to run a Black Friday Marketing Campaign using the Snizl Platform

Black Friday falls on 27th November this year. At Snizl, we’re hosting a Black Friday event on our website. We’re inviting independent business owners to Post their best Deals and sale items on the Feed for our 280,000+ Users to see. Black Friday is the perfect annual holiday to run a marketing campaign, as it’s the last holiday before Christmas. A fantastic opportunity to market to bargain-hungry shoppers eager to grab last-minute Christmas Gifts. In this blog, we’ll explain how to run a Black Friday Marketing Campaign using just the Snizl Platform.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be hand-selecting some of the best Deal and Promotion Posts to feature in our Black Friday themed marketing email which will be sent to every single one of our Snizl Shoppers.

Not only that, but using Black Friday to improve your marketing technique on Snizl has tremendous benefits. Learning how to use Snizl to create a marketing campaign will help you gain followers, appeal to brand new customers, see an increase in sales & ultimately experience business growth for a smooth start into 2021.

Don’t be alarmed. Planning and creating a marketing campaign isn’t complicated. Sometimes for first-time business owners and new entrepreneurs, the sound of producing and executing a marketing campaign can sound daunting. But, the trick is, planning.

Before any great marketing campaign, it’s important to have a simple, to-the-point brief. Of which highlights what you want to achieve for your business in the form of aims & objectives.

Skip and start learning about how to create a brief now. Or, continue reading to thoroughly understand why Black Friday is a great place to start creating better, more successful marketing.

Why Black Friday?

Popularised in Central America, Black Friday is a renowned global shopping day for many reasons. As mentioned previously, it’s the last official holiday before Christmas – which causes for many anticipating shoppers waiting to get in on the Black Friday sales to buy once-expensive appliances, accessories and tech.

What does this mean for independent business owners?

Well luckily, this year more than any before, there’s almost a subconscious push in the world of retail from huge brands to the casual shopper coming to terms with the fact that as a nation we need to start shopping locally.

Due to COVID, it’s clear many businesses have and will continue to struggle due to uncertainties about government grants and funding for businesses, and therefore there will be a lot of smaller, local, independent businesses left wondering how they’re going to keep their heads above water while the end of lockdown restrictions seem unclear.

You can certainly see through the power of social media that people are becoming more vigilant to the fact that if we don’t #SupportLocal, unfortunately, we may be at risk of losing the independent business which make the country great.

So, that’s where we come in.

At Snizl, we are completely dedicated to ensuring independent businesses have a smooth ride when it comes to marketing. We’ve crafted our website and formed it into a place where even if you only have 15 minutes in the day in between packing orders, or, unfortunately, you’ve not a lot of business at all, you can easily sign in and Post your product or service quickly with peace of mind that real people (280,000+ to be exact) have access to your Post and can view it on the Snizl feed.

It’s a marketing platform with endless possibilities. Straightforward variations of Post types. High-performance Call To Action buttons. Ways to Boost your Post so it can still be seen even if you Posted last week and don’t have time to Post again. Quick creation of Competition Posts which automatically convert entree’s into Followers you can directly market to.

The list is limitless.

And what a better way to start your marketing journey on Snizl than on one of the biggest days of the year for bagging a Deal, Black Friday.

What is the benefit of Posting Black Friday Deals on Snizl this week?

By running this short campaign over the next couple of weeks during the run-up to Black Friday, your business on Snizl has the potential to reach up to 280,000 Snizl Shoppers. This is a real audience of all demographics from up and down the country.

Your Posts will go live and can be viewed in real-time on the Snizl feed as soon as you click ‘Post’, meaning that the more you Post the better your results. See how well you’re doing in our expertly crafted Analytics Dashboard.

As mentioned before, we’ll be actively selecting some of the best Deals and Promotion Posts from businesses signed up to Snizl, featuring them in our upcoming consumer marketing email.

By Posting Black Friday Themed Deals and sale items, you’ll have the chance to increase brand awareness, sales, traffic to your website (if you have one) and boost your following on Snizl, which you can then use to your advantage in the future by sending direct alerts and using our high performing Boost features.

You’ll discover even more about the Snizl platform…

Including our new Image Galleries feature. Our Free and Premium Plan features are designed to help you increase traffic back to your website or social media pages, boost brand recognition, give you a wider audience to sell to and increase your sales.

It’s a great way to step up your journey as a business owner and/or entrepreneur. Making mistakes, taking risks, grafting and gaining experience is all part of owning a business. There’s no time to lose. And while we’re all back in Lockdown – name a better time to start.

Planning your Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Although it’s not essential to have the Premium Plan when marketing on Snizl, it will benefit the success of your Posts when using Snizl for business. The Snizl platform will stay free, forever, so there’s no need to worry about hidden charges or unexpected payouts.

You choose if and when you want to upgrade, cancel or stay on the Free Plan. (And for just 30p per day, we don’t think you’ll want to stop using the Premium Plan once you’ve chosen to start.)

Below, we’ll demonstrate and create a brief overview of how you should execute your Black Friday Marketing Campaign on the Snizl Platform.

Sign up. Sign in. Upgrade for better results. Let’s do this together.

First of all, you need to determine the aims and objectives of your Marketing Campaign. What are you trying to do with this campaign? Do you want to gain more followers or keep up with trends? Do you want to increase sales and boost traffic back to your website? in-short, you need to have a think about what you are trying to achieve.

Have a think about what you want you want to get out of marketing Black Friday Deals.

Next, you want to have a think about who you’re trying to reach. You’re using Snizl so you’re obviously targetting Snizl Users. If you run a men’s clothing store though, you may want to consider the kind of images you’re using to market your business and the words you use to communicate with your audience. For e.g. you may have a Post titled as ‘Gents, grab a bargain for Black Friday!’.

Thinking about the audience, do you want to increase the number of people seeing your Snizl Posts by sharing to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn? Is that where you can attract even more of your target audience?

Then, you might want to think about how many Posts you’re going to create and make live on the Snizl Feed. Will you Post once per day? Maybe you’ll start with a Promotion Post announcing the beginning of your Black Friday Event to engage your audience. Will you Post one Deal per day? Or a Deal and a Promotion Post per day, until the 27th November?

We’re not suggesting you have a regimented set of instructions you have to follow for this to be a success. Of course, when you come to creating your Posts or when you’re in the middle of your campaign, you may think of something extra you want to do. Or, you may have some new stock which you want to Post about or find some old stock you want to put up at an even bigger discount.

A brief is just a brief.

More to consider…

Next, it will be a good time to think about assets for your marketing campaign. What images are you going to use? Will you consider that using multiple images to market your product increases the chance of making a sale? What links will you be using in your Claim options on a Snizl Post? etc.

Finally, if this isn’t your first time running a marketing campaign, check back to other marketing campaigns to see what was successful. Where certain Posts received better than others? If so, maybe you can mimic the style of the post to increase success. Did a certain social media channel gain more traffic? Then you know which social media channel is best to share to this time around. Again, you can check these analytics in your Analytics Dashboard on Snizl.

Let’s get stuck in with optimising your business page…

Below, we’re going to showcase a demo Black Friday Marketing Campaign on Snizl, to show you what each stage should look like so that you can refer to your own progress and check you’re taking every precaution to ensure this marketing campaign is executed well.

So, when you sign up, you have your business page. It should look pretty simple with your just business name filled in.

Its absolutely vital though, that you input all relevant information and leave no box empty when selling/marketing on Snizl – as trust is everything to a potential customer. If they do not have access to trustworthy information, you could risk losing custom. Read more about how important trust is when marketing in our short blog.

When you’ve updated your business page, it should look similar to this.

If you’re struggling to set up your business page, watch our quick 1-minute How-To demonstration video linked below.

How to edit your Business Page on Snizl

Next, create a Promotion to announce the start of your Black Friday Campaign…

Promotion Posts on Snizl are great for announcing what’s new: new stock, upcoming offers, the opening times of stores, an update of your website or just simply to remind your audience you’re still in business and to check out our business page.

So, for making Snizl Users aware of the beginning of your Black Friday campaign, why not start with a Promotion Post e.g. ‘Our Black Friday Event starts today!’.

Our example of what a Black Friday themed Promotion Post may look like to kick start your marketing campaign…

Post it live to over 280,000 Snizl Users. Don’t forget to take advantage of our Boost features. Boosting your Promotion Post to social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram further increases awareness surrounding your Black Friday campaign.

If you need another run-down on how to create a Post on Snizl, please watch the short YouTube video below.

How to Crate a Post on Snizl

Use other Post Types to show what you’re offering for Black Friday…

As Black Friday is all about huge savings, why not Post a few Deal Posts offering some of the most impressive savings from your website or collection of stock.

Below are our examples of Deals and savings you could offer potential customers as part of a Black Friday Marketing Campaign.

As Black Friday is famous for rare Deals on usually expensive products, it’d be wise to Post a few Deals.

Remember, we’re selecting the best Deals from the Snizl feed by businesses like yours to feature in our marketing email next weekSo quick, get Posting!

Use Premium Features to increase engagement with Posts…

To increase engagement on your Posts, why not toggle with media and use our brand new feature which increases conversion rates by 22.4%, Image Galleries.

Adding more than one image of the product you’re offering increases the chance of making a sale. Learn more about our shiny new feature and how to add multiple images by reading our Image Galleries blog.

Image Galleries lets you show different products, so there’s more for potential customers to see in a single Post.

Getting creative with images

Now, this isn’t essential, highlighting that your Post is for Black Friday in the title will be enough for Snizl Users to recognise the purpose of your Deal or Promotion.

But, if you’re up for a challenge which will further boost your success on Snizl, why not try adding a banner onto your product images by using technologies designed for business owners just like yourself.

Play with free technologies to take your marketing to the next level this Black Friday

Take your images on Posts to the next level by using technologies like Canva and Fotor. Like Snizl, you can sign up and use the platforms for free. Creating graphics like these will boost engagement on the feed.

If you don’t have time to do this though, or you just aren’t overly tech-savvy, don’t fret – you can be just as successful on Snizl without taking these measures.

To conclude

So, there you have it. A simple Black Friday Marketing Campaign you can run on Snizl for the next couple of weeks which has the potential to:

  • Increase traffic back to your website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost sales
  • Increase Snizl followers
  • Create a loyal custom base

We guarantee that with consistency your Posts on Snizl will gain sufficient Claims, Impressions and Views.

Remember to take advantage of the Boost options and check your Analytics Dashboard frequently to see where your traffic is coming from so you can take that data into account for the next time you Post.

We hope that by reading our ‘How to run a Black Friday Marketing Campaign’ article you now understand how to run a Black Friday Marketing Campaign using the Snizl Platform, continuing to apply these methods for future annual holidays and events, or just to Post on Snizl in general – Have a great week.

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