Consumer Trends for Christmas 2020: Favouring Independent Business & eCommerce

Consumer buying trends for Christmas 2020 are predicted differently this year – in favour of independent businesses who offer their products/services online.

Consumer buying trends for Christmas 2020
Search trends for Christmas is significantly higher than other annual holidays.
Consumer buying trends for Christmas 2020

Studies show that 27% of the population are looking to increase their spend on their immediate family and a third of all Christmas spending is forecast to take place online this year, as shoppers spend 25% (£5.6bn) more on eCommerce than they did last year, new research suggests.

Though store spending is expected to drop 7%, if you have a website or offer purchasable products/services online, your business should expect to see growth.

2020 is the year, if you haven’t already, to take the digital plunge as a business owner, to put your brand directly in front of the UK’s Christmas shoppers, for a smooth and steady start into 2021.

Online shopping is set to see unprecedented growth in the UK this Christmas

There are many reasons as to why online shopping has become so popular.

E-commerce and ordering goods online have become the epitome of convenience. Consumers can indulge in retail therapy without even having to leave their front rooms.

And with COVID-19 a prominent risk when thinking about heading out to the local town or high street, a heightened number of the population are opting for online retailers, favoured even more if they deliver nationwide – and fast.

Stats on online buying trends this year compared to in 2019 proves just how convenient shopping online for Christmas goods really is.

Online shopping is set to see unprecedented growth in the UK this Christmas
Online and store-based sales during the Christmas season in the UK.

The study above demonstrates that while 22.28% chose to do their Christmas shopping online in 2019, nearly half will be doing theirs online this year.

This is an undeniably large difference in just one year. So, if you’re now thinking to your self “oh no, I don’t have a website and don’t want to miss the surge” marketing platforms such as Snizl may be able to provide you with a place to Promote your products/services so you do not miss out.

Consumers are turning to smaller, local businesses this Christmas

Finally, there’s a conscious shift in society. Consumers are finally deciding to move away from big brand retailers and chains to support and revel in the high-quality, unique products and services provided by smaller, individual businesses.

According to a consumer poll, 61% of consumers shop at local businesses because they want to access a unique product selection. This is the most cited reason for choosing a small business over a large chain.

Shoppers provided the following reasons when they were asked why they prefer small and local retailers over larger retailers:

61% – Local businesses offer a unique product

49% – I couldn’t find what I needed from bigger businesses

40% – I want to support the community or small businesses

29% – I like to try new retailers

26% – Local businesses feature a broader assortment

24% – Local businesses provide an innovative shopping experience

A handful of impressive stats…

YouGov found that, as a result of coronavirus, 64% of people want to support local businesses and buy local products, with 70% of women being even more likely to shop within their community.

Over a quarter of UK adults, 28%, say they’ve been spending more online, and a third, 32%, say they intend to make more use of online shopping or delivery. 

Consumer buying trends for Christmas 2020
60% of consumers believe the quality of goods in indie shops is better than major chains.
Consumer buying trends for Christmas 2020
85% will be supporting smaller business this year.
Restaurant and pub chain annual sales growth

Combine both the willingness to shop local this year and expected growth in online shopping and you get a clearly demonstrated example of how the two will work well together to benefit independent business owners who are selling online, using eCommerce and marketing platforms.

It’s almost a no-brainer that there’s plenty of room on the digital market for smaller, independent businesses this Christmas – so, what are you waiting for?

Get your marketing up-to-scratch while the majority of the UK are still Christmas shopping for a potential to see a spike in sales, better brand recognition and to gain a wider, more loyal custom base.

How can you respond to all of this information as a retailer?

Retailers and small business owners, don’t panic! There’s still plenty of time to respond to these changes in buying trends over Christmas. It’s vital that you take steps such as the ones listed below to make sure you have a successful Christmas sales period.

  • Ensure you’re ahead of the game if you offer a delivery service. be organised and prepared.
  • Promote stock left using marketing platforms and utilise social media for sharing to reach more audiences.
  • Give regular updates on delivery times and orders sent either via emails, social media or using marketing platforms.
  • Post discounts and savings to encourage further purchases.

You should take this opportunity to make your customers shopping experience run as smoothly as possible because as we gradually come out of the pandemic, you’ll find customers will once again revert back to brands who offered fantastic customer service in uncertain times. Because if you succeeded during a health crisis, there’s no doubt you’re an exceptionally reliable seller.

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With thanks and credit to, Retail Voice, Statista and Fundera. Consumer buying trends for Christmas 2020.

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