Finding the Right Instagram Hashtags

We’ve all heard various tactics for increasing visibility and brand awareness on Instagram. One of these includes the use of hashtags, which we’ve all heard of but don’t all know how to utilise successfully. Here’s how to make sure you’re doing hashtags the right way.

Choose the right amount

Instagram’s algorithm does itself limit the number of hashtags that can be used (30 maximum in any caption or comment) but even then, if you’re going to the maximum, your page will look like spam. Include enough to get your page seen, but not so many that users disengage.

Search current trends

Consumers use social media for a lot of reasons but one of them is to keep up-to-date with goings on. Pinpointing which hashtags are relevant for current trends, celebrity news or anything industry related, will make it more likely that users find your post via the hashtag.

Stick to your sector

The key with hashtags is that you want popular ones but not too general. After all, you are trying to appeal to the intended audience, not just everyone. If you’re a new online clothes brand, then ones like #fashion #style and #inspo are all viable options.

Avoid the generic ones

Hashtags like #likeforlike or #followback may secure you an influx of likes or follows, but 9/10 it won’t be by anyone relevant and this is unlikely to lead to any sales conversions. Remember that social media isn’t just a numbers game, it’s about appealing to the right people. Plus, if you’re using these generic hashtags then it can water down the integrity of your brand.

Consider a tailor-made one

If you’re building a campaign, then making your own hashtag can be a great way to get users involved and engaged. Make sure to do your research, make it catchy and avoid anything too long. Get the conversation going and it will spark the intrigue of other potential customers.

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