Host a Special Valentines Day Promotion On Snizl To Boost Sales

Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th February and while we’re all indoors, and online shopping is at an all-time high, you should be partial to the idea of creating a few Posts on Snizl.

Posts on Snizl go live on the feed to over 300,000 shoppers in an instant and will increase traffic back to your website and can potentially give you a boost in sales. Wouldn’t that be nice as we head into Spring?

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, love and lust, so form a romantic relationship with our free marketing platform this year and see for your self just how you can boost engagement when marketing your product during the 7th largest holiday of the year.

Forgotten how to Post? No worries, read our short blog explaining what a Snizl Post is and does.

Before we start…

Before we get stuck into creating a Valentines Day promotion Post, let us remind you that a business page on Snizl performs 86% better when all fields are filled.

The image above shows a business signed up to Snizl with no information (left) and a business page on Snizl with all information fields filled out plus a welcome Post, introducing themselves to the platform (right).

The business page on the right-hand side going forward will have the advantage because the more information you give about your brand the more likely to be trusted by audiences. It’s science!

Reminder: having a business page on Snizl and Posting to the feed is completely free and will be, forever.

The £10.00 per month optional charge only comes into place when you choose to upgrade, and thus, the incredible 6 features which help to improve reach, brand awareness and sales are available to use, however you like.

Boost your sales this Valentine’s Day with Posting…

During the run-up to Valentine’s Day, why not take advantage of the hustle and bustle surrounding the annual holiday and create a special promotion.

Not only to drive more traffic back to your products and website but to create better awareness for your brand, appearing as a brand who recognise popular holidays and is proactive when approaching marketing for them.

Examples of a Valentines Day promotion, for a business who has nothing to offer in terms of Valentines Day…

So you’re in retail or catering. Easy right? Promote and advertise gift ideas from your website for ‘your partner’ on Valentines Day. Put together an at-home date platter of food. You could even host a Valentines Day promotion and offer 15% off your product/service. All is well for these industries.

But then we have construction, services and tradesmen – blind fitters, tilers, carpenters, chimney sweeps. How can you guys monetize Valentines Day?

The answer is simple. It’s the art of knocking a percentage off to increase the number of customers and therefore doing better than you would have done had you not run the promotion

Similar to the third point I made for retail and catering, why not host a discount off your services. Or something along the lines of ‘if you book with us from now up until Valentine’s Day, your partner gets 50% off the same service when they call!’.

It’s a couple of creative ways in which you can get involved in monetizing from the 7th most popular annual holiday – because love doesn’t discriminate, no matter the business industry.


To conclude…

We hope that within this blog you’ve discovered how you can monetise from Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t supply products or services which could be targetted at couples or people buying for Valentine’s Day.

Remember, all Snizl Posts can be shared to multiple social media channels to increase reach. You can also Boost to the top of the feed at any time to ensure our 300,000+ Snizl Users have seen your post.

Remember to check your Analytics Dashboard after Posting to monitor how many people have seen, clicked and carried out an action on your Post, so you can better target them in the future.

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