The 18 Point Snizl Business Checklist

To appeal to customers your business has to be trustworthy. People shopping have plenty of different places they can find what they’re looking for, but only a certain amount of websites will be successful in making the sale. At Snizl, we’ve put together the Snizl Business Checklist to ensure you know exactly what makes a successful business page so you don’t miss out on those all-important sales!

Want to know why you have all the incredible stock but feel you’re lacking in sales? There’s a number of different things which all fall under the umbrella of trust in business.

Maybe your images are low quality, your website isn’t optimised well on other devices or you may not have links to social media. These are all factors to consider improving if you want to earn the trust of customers, gain loyal ones, and make successful sales.

What makes a Snizl Business Page seem more trustworthy?

Statistics show on a range of different Snizl Business Pages that a business with trustworthy qualities, like the few listed above, are more likely to receive Claims than businesses who don’t possess these same trustworthy traits.

To build trust on your Snizl business page, as a business owner, you must include all the factors listed on the downloadable checklist. By doing this, you’re allowing customers to feel comforted when shopping with you. They’ll know they’re getting quality products/services from a company that’s being honest and transparent.

If your business is not considered authentic, you may run the risk of losing customers’ trust at first glance, even though your products are legitimate and you run your business fairly.

All it takes is for a first-time buyer to shop with you, but have a negative experience with the display of your business, this can tarnish custom forever. If the first impression is ruined by not having the correct image, bad grammar or no links to social media, it’s going to become hard to gain loyal customers. That’s why you need to demonstrate how brilliant your business truly is, using the platform we give you.

Snizl’s findings in successful sales compared to trustworthy business pages

Can Snizl users visit your business page and understand exactly what you’re selling, who you are, what you stand for and where your business is located, straight away?

It’s important to create a welcoming business page to establish the overall feel of your business at first glance.

Customers are more critical of business pages with poor images and not enough contact information, so if your Snizl business page lacks the following points, it may negatively impact sales.

Things to include:

  • High-quality logo
  • High-quality header
  • A business name which as the same name as you use everywhere else (social media, website etc)
  • An in-depth description
  • All contact details filled out
  • Social Media added
  • An address
  • Business hours

Get your business page in tip-top condition to boost positive first impressions

The Snizl business below, Scents & Trendz, have added a clear logo and header. An in-depth description discussing what they sell, a link to their official website, the business address, an email and social media links.

All of these fields filled out combined provides Snizl users with multiple trustworthy sources of information about the business.

With clear business page information, Scents & Trendz' on Snizl experience higher customer interaction.
With clear business page information, Scents & Trendz’ on Snizl experience higher customer interaction.

Clear and concise posting for your products

When a Snizl user arrives at your business page, not only are they looking for trust-worthy details to decide whether they want to shop from you, but they’re also looking at the products you’re offering, as your recent posts will be shown in the centre of the screen.

It’s important that your posting is just as detailed as the rest of your business page, this will build trust and once again, improve chances of sales. Customers will be judging the quality of posts as soon as they land on the business page.

Star Gifts UK, an independent business on Snizl, have not only created a business page conforming to all of the Essentials needed to gain trust and come across an authentic brand, but their Posts contain each step to ensuring a positive buying experience too.

With thoroughly laid out Posts, Star Gifts UK have higher chances of making successful sales.
With thoroughly laid out Posts, Star Gifts UK have higher chances of making successful sales.

The clear title, image and description are Essentials for any Post on Snizl. The fact that the product has a monetary saving which is clear on the post will entice even more customers. The length of the deal indicates to Snizl users the amount of time left before the deal ends, therefore encouraging impulse buying due to the fact they won’t be able to get this saving again.

The claim option directs customers to the Star Gifts UK website, although it isn’t essential your business has a website, it will benefit your Snizl experience as it adds to those trust-worthy qualities customers are after.

Once you’ve got your business page set up at its highest possible standard, and when you begin posting frequently ensuring to check off each point, you’ll soon start to see an increase in engagements via the business analytics dashboard.

Customers tend to pick out small details with brands they’re not sure of and calling them untrustworthy, quickly. It’s important to remember though that trust is something every business has to earn. So, over time and by following the simple steps on the Snizl Business Checklist, you’ll begin to show your self as an authentic brand, with the very real possibility of stepping up the growth of your business.

If you’re interested and want to get started, visit Snizl.

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