Top 10 Video Marketing Trends

It’s no secret that digital content is somewhat of an untameable beast but can you fathom just how many videos are swirling around at this very second? Well, according to Cisco’s trend predictions, it would take a whopping 2 whole years to watch all the videos that are online in any given second. And while that may seem intimidating, it’s exciting too because any marketer is going to want a piece of that action. But how do you stand out from the crowds? Here are the top 10 trends in video marketing.

1. Square videos

Video content was previously all formatted the same but thanks to the popularity of platforms like Instagram, we’re seeing a change in the dimensions to better fit with the end user experience.

2. Video first

Once upon a time, text was the number 1 choice of online consumption. Then it was images and now video has slid into the top spot. It’s likely down to the rise of vloggers, Youtubers and Snapchat and Instagram stories.

3. Live video

It’s no longer enough for us to be able to upload after the fact. Live functionality is becoming more and more popular, especially with businesses, as it builds brand trust.

4. Risk taking

Do you remember what I said about it being an over crowded market? Well it’s not enough to just do the same as everyone else. So one of the hottest trends in video is to really think outside the box and take risks with your content.

5. Cost reduction

Like music to any small businesses ears, a major trend happening in video lately is that it’s becoming cheaper. Thanks to the availability of high quality tools at your fingertips (the obvious being your smartphone), it’s becoming cheaper and easier to produce and edit videos.

6. Video as a conversion tool

Before, video was used as a marketing hook and then brands would hope to convert sales later on in the pipeline. But now, it’s becoming somewhat of a one-stop shop with the conversion built right into the video.

7. Collaborations

Whether it be with other brands or social media influencers, there are more and more businesses who are teaming up in their video marketing efforts. Collaborations open the doors to the followers of who they’ve teamed up with and are mutually beneficial, making them extremely popular.

8. E-learning and training

Not only in a creative content capacity, videos are also great conveyors of information and this can convert to being used as a training or educational tool. This is useful for not only giving something to your customers, but to those within your business too.

9. 360 degree functionality

The integration between video and social media continues to develop at a rapid speed and while 360 degree videos often remained out of reach for many (thanks to it being a high cost medium), its integration with Facebook has caused it to boom in popularity.

10. AI & AR

Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are massive potential game-changers in the world of video. Personalisation and creative suggestion would revolutionise the way in which brands use video to speak to their customers but unfortunately it remains just out of reach for most marketers. The technology is complex and expensive, but it’s one to keep our eyes peeled for in the coming years.

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