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Try a Free Marketing Solution For Your Business During Lockdown

Although the initial 3 week lockdown period is up, Boris Johnson’s decision to have a UK wide police-enforced lockdown will continue for another duration of 3 weeks. So with plenty of opinions surfacing as to when restrictions will be lifted once and for all, from specialist estimates to fake news, for now, the nation’s people are going to have to hang tight to protect our NHS.

The drastic measures put in place to stop the spread of infection including schools, gyms, restaurants and bar closures means that many independent businesses have suffered.

With no clear idea of how long these closures will last, business owners will have to start discovering new ways to market their product so they can continue to make an income and provide for their families.

That’s where Snizl comes in…

With the Free Plan on Snizl, setting up your business and selling to existing and potential customers couldn’t be easier.

Your business can continue to market your product to over 200,000 Snizl users and growing without leaving your home at all. Even better, you could think about setting up a delivery service for your customers so you can continue to trade even further.

We’ve ensured that since the outbreak of coronavirus and the suffering of independent businesses because of it, the Free Plan will stay freeforever. We have the audiences your business needs to grow. No matter how niche or widespread your product, we want to help you.

Market your product for free on snizl with the Free Plan

What will Snizl do for my business?

If your business is not already signed up to Snizl you may be asking yourself this question. Snizl is a platform where people come to find the latest Deals, Events, Promotions and Free Competitions. We have gained over 200,000 users due to a mass amount of diversity when it comes to products and services being posted on our main feed. Users keep coming back for more.

Our National Feed is home to over 2,000 businesses from all over the UK. Many taking the opportunity to post about new delivery service ventures they’re trying out since the strict lockdown rules have left businesses unable to open up shop. From retail to hospitality, construction to business even into charities and venues, any business sector has the ability to thrive on Snizl.

Our Local Feeds works through GPS. If you post a Deal, Promotion, Event or Competition to the Local Feed, Snizl users in your area will be able to see what you’re offering directly to their phone. You’ll even be able to gain a following and send push notifications to these followers.

Snizl will enable your business to have direct contact with your followers at all times, increasing the chance of sales while building a community with your customers.

Give it a try, there’s nothing to lose

If you want to get your business back up and running but haven’t tried anything yet, don’t wait any longer! Start today on Snizl and begin your journey to selling online. There’s plenty of time to set up your business page and start posting to our users.

For more information on any of these points, visit our business landing page. Or, give us an email on [email protected]. We’ll assist you in answering any questions or queries you may have.

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