Easter Marketing Ideas Customers Can’t Resist

With many routes to go down when approaching marketing during Easter, it’s difficult to decide what kind of content to post.

You may sell Easter eggs and due to current circumstances aren’t sure how to get them off the shelves. Or, you might not sell chocolate at all yet want to remind customers that your product is still available or on sale.

Combining the Easter Marketing Ideas below will boost your clients initiative to buy.

Run an Easter Sale

Do you have stock you were going to run a sale for? Use your Easter Campaign to do this. E.g. ‘20% sale on all items this weekend only’.

Have a small section on your website dedicated to an Easter Sale

Having a section on your website dedicated to your Easter Sale will enable customers to locate discounted products and services quickly and easily, increasing sales.

Don’t have a website? Create Deal Posts on Snizl!

You can create Deal Posts on Snizl which can either go live to the whole Nation (great if your business delivers) or choose to post it exclusively for your local community. Use Deal Posts to promote your discounted products or services. E.g. ‘Buy One Get One Free this Easter!’.

The Free Plan on Snizl enables you to post as many Deal Posts as you like to our 180,000 users.

a business deal surrounding Easter

If you’re new to Snizl, get started quickly and easily for free! Aim for a Deal Post a day to start seeing progress. If you’re already on Snizl, maintain a steady posting strategy. Users are more likely to purchase if they recognise your brand is consistent with posting.

Remind your customers about Easter via promotion

Whether you use email marketing, social media, or Snizl Promotions to remind customers about upcoming events, doing so will only increase traffic to your website and therefore improve sales.

Create engaging social media posts

Get creative on social media! Don’t be afraid to test new ways of communicating with your audience. Try hashtags and emojis to increase engagement. Remind them about the Easter Sale on your website and include links.

Use Snizl Promotions to remind followers about your Deals and Competitions

Have you created a Deal Post recently which you want more traction on? Or do you have something you’d like to announce to potential customers? Create a Snizl Promotion! Simply use promotions to highlight new products or services, opening hours and more.

a business created a promotion for Easter to tell customers and followers what they're doing

Run an Easter Competition

Competitions in celebration of annual holidays go down well with existing customers who already trust your business, and with potential customers too. Sharing leads potential customers to your social media page or website. You can then use this data to send marketing emails in the future. Giveaway a product or service your business offers or something unrelated like an Easter Egg Bundle.

Social Media Competition

Running a competition on Social Media, such as through Facebook or Instagram will help you gain plenty of engagement and followers. You’ll then have this audience to market to for your next posts.

Snizl Competition

Running a competition on Snizl will gain you followers which you can market to in the future. You’ll be able to send push notifications directly to their devices about new and upcoming deals, sales and promotions.

If you’re an existing Snizl user it’s a great way to increase your followers! Or, if you’re not yet on Snizl, it’s a great way to start your journey on the platform.

A business creating a competition to increase engagement and increase followers.

A Key Reminder

When thinking about Easter Marketing Ideas, it’s important to have all your posts go hand in hand with each other. Interlink social media posts with your Snizl links, allowing customers to freely jump from one post to another. This type of continuity and professionalism throughout your marketing campaign will help to increase sales.

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