Advertising: Begin With The Summer Holidays

Businesses globally are coming out of unwelcome hibernation and as a business owner, you should take this time to focus on your advertising techniques. Families up and down the country will have only just got into the swing of normal life, picking up the kids from school and dropping them off. The shift in routine sparks opportunity for successful advertising and during the Summer Holidays, it’s a perfect time to do so. People are spending less time at their computers, but the volume of people scrolling on mobile phones will be at an all-time high. Marketing your product in the right way has the potential to be very successful, and aid large growth of your business and brand coming up to the end of 2020.

Coming away from our televisions but spending more time on our mobiles means the advertising you have on social media and other platforms such as Snizl will be viewed and engaged with a whole lot more.

By advertising, we’re not insisting you put hundreds of pounds of budget into digital advertisements. Advertising is used as a broader term and in conjunction with marketing. Choose the areas you want to build on in your business, is it your customer base, is it making sales, or is it exploring the level of engagement you want to have with your current audience, and using the techniques below, begin your journey to success, welcoming your goal toward the end of 2020.

Doubling your existing offers as part of a seasonal campaign

Advertise your product/service by adhering to seasonal themes. Here are businesses doing that
Using pre-existing offers and doubling them up to fit to a seasonal advertising campaign.

You may have a monetary saving on a couple of products on your website. Why not create a Post on Snizl and use this monetary saving but describe it in a way which makes the audience believe the Deal is only up due to the Summer Holidays.

Twist your offers into making customers believe there’s only a certain amount of time to redeem them. Doubling your existing offers as part of a seasonal campaign will increase the chance of impulse buying. And, as we know, all it takes is for a customer to have an outstanding first time buy for them to become a loyal customer shopping with you time and time again.

Hosting a themed contest to grow your audience and gain followers

Snizl competitions allow you to gain more followers and then advertise to that market you've built.
Snizl Competitions are quick, easy and convert customers fast.

Hosting a Snizl Competition is a great way of gaining new customers. When a Snizl user enters your competition, they’re automatically added to your followers. This means that when you come to Post a Deal or Promotion, you can send push notifications direct to Snizl users phones’, giving your Post a massive advantage and chance for an increase in sales.

Hosting a competition will also gain your brand trust on Snizl, and trust is the key when it comes to selling to first-time buyers. Read all about trust and how important it is in business in our previous blog.

Giving something away for free is always a good indicator to anyone that your brand and business is trustworthy, legit and passionate about building a relationship with competition entrants and customers!

Reminding your audience of your product/service

Creating Promotion posts to remind Snizl users about your businesses product/service is so important and so easy to do. All it takes is 5 minutes out of your day to market and effectively advertise for free to a quarter of a million Snizl users and counting.

Dropping reminders on the Snizl feed every now and again will have Snizl users visiting your page more frequently, clicking through to your website a lot more and increases the chance of sales. Staying at the top of the feed is key!

Remind Snizl users about your product by re-posting and staying at the top of the Snizl feed.
Posting regularly using relatable themes increases sales.

Using Snizl Premium Plan Features to generate even more sales

So you’re already using the Snizl Free Plan and you’re getting thousands of views and engagements each month? Why not increase this reach even further with the Snizl Premium Plan. A direct debit might not be exactly what you’re after with the current circumstances, so, that’s why we offer the Premium Plan for just £10.00 per month with the ability to cancel quickly and easily at any time.

This is far less than you’d spend on any other digital advertising and gives you access to a range of tools to grow your business and gain new and loyal customers, all for under 40p per day. Below, we list just some of the Premium Plan features which you can utilise however you like for less than £2.50 per week.

In-depth analytics board

The in-depth analytics board that comes with the Premium Plan package gives you even more detail

With the Premium Plan, you’ll get a detailed Traffic Source board. This will enable you to see where most of your traffic is coming from, so you can choose where to focus your marketing.

The Mobile Clothes Shop on Snizl have thousands of Views, Impressions and Claims and that’s clear to see from the Dashboard Overview. But, the information is limited. With the Premium Plan, The Mobile Clothes Shop can begin to understand where they need to market their brand, to further increase sales.

Push notifications for direct advertising

How many times per day does the average person click their phone to check if they’ve got a message? Up to 96 times. That’s 96 times per day you have the chance to be on the lock screen of a Snizl users phone. And with 240,000 users now signed up to Snizl, that’s a hell of a lot of exposure for your brand.

Push notifications are exclusive to Premium Plan users, allowing you to create a Deal, Promotion, Competition or Event and send direct alerts to followers’ phones giving you never before uninterrupted engagement with your audience.

Send Push notifications to advertise your business. Phone screens with notifications on increasing customer retention
Send direct alerts to Snizl users.

New Premium Plan features released soon…

We’re working hard to create even more innovative features you can use to market your brand, all for just £10.00 per month. Sign up now so you don’t miss a thing or start using Snizl for free with the Free Plan – (It’s staying free, forever!)

Want to know what makes the perfect business page? Check out our 28 Point Snizl Business Checklist.

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