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Snizl Success Stories: Combining Snizl and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing comes with the new age world of earning an income digitally. Over the past few years, as we watch social networking sites flourish, individuals with experience using social platforms have the opportunity to sell other businesses’ products for a cut of the profit. This allows a brand to target their desired audience, and sell to them directly, without gaining the following themselves. Affiliate marketing is increasing in fashion and why not? It’s a fantastic opportunity to earn an income online, giving you all the benefits of being a brand owner, without the responsibility of owning an actual business.

Affiliate marketers promote products on popular social media channels or marketing platforms, sometimes using discount and promotional codes, and when a sale is made, a monetary percentage of this sale will be given to the promoter.

Contrary to popular belief, affiliate marketing does come with a huge responsibility. Because, if you don’t market and promote products effectively, you will not earn a commission.

The popular misconceptions are that we don’t have a real job as some put it but we do.

– Rachel Hoy.
Affiliate marketing is increasing in popularity and at Snizl we welcome affiliate marketers.
Affiliate marketing is increasing in popularity.

Affiliate Marketing is effective because:

  • It’s a low-cost business idea
  • Helps you grow a platform if you then want to branch off
  • No specific expertise necessary
  • Convenient and flexible
  • Customer service is out of your hands
  • Performance-based income

The advantages of affiliate marketing are prominent and have allowed hundreds of thousands of people to become flexible with work while giving them financial freedom.

Affiliate Marketing on Snizl

Rachel Hoy, the owner of the affiliate brand Dream Pretty, has used affiliate marketing combined with the Snizl platform to her advantage. We’re going to discuss how using Snizl for affiliate marketing can be the perfect recipe for success.

Suffering from health problems, Rachel was left unable to work. So, just before falling pregnant, she channelled her willingness to work. This then led to the decision of affiliate marketing becoming a permanent source of income, so that she could focus on being a full-time mum and contribute to household bills.

Rachel Hoy created her business page ‘Dream Pretty’ on Snizl just 3 months ago on April 1st 2020 and already has seen some impressive results. Rachel runs the affiliate programme Dream Pretty under the umbrella head of Dreamland Fashion, a website who source fashion items and accessories, selling them on the website. Dreamland Fashion recruits individuals for affiliate marketing, offering free training and support while giving a 20% commission on every sale made.

I chose Dreamland Fashion after seeing a recruitment poster for them in a work from home group on Facebook and was impressed with their clothing and accessories range

I enjoy affiliate marketing as it allows me the freedom I need to be a full-time mum but still be able to contribute to the household bills.

– Rachel Hoy.
Dream Pretty are affiliate marketing to increase commission and sales. These are the products on Snizl

Why does Snizl work for affiliate marketing?

Although Rachel Hoy promotes the vast majority of her products on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, she has described Snizl as being her preferred platform for selling because of the 250,000 users signed up and reach potential.

I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram but I would say Snizl is my favourite because the reach it provides to potential customers is amazing.

– Rachel Hoy.

Affiliate marketing is used by organisations all over the world as an effective way of digitally getting their product out in front of the public eye. It’s a risk-free opportunity people can take to start their own business and build a following. And for businesses, it’s a great avenue to go down if you’re looking for cheap advertisement.

Snizl welcomes affiliate marketing on the platform because our mantra is based around giving small, local, start-up businesses the platform, audience and tools to thrive. All we ask in return is honest and authentic sellers behind the brand using our platform fairly.

Dream Pretty’s impressive statistics

Since April, Dream Pretty’s Posts, featuring a range of clothing, accessories, footwear and more fashion items, has reached thousands of Snizl users.

In just the first 3 months, Dream Pretty have gained 43,400 Impressions on the Snizl feed. This is the number of users that have seen the Promotion-dominant Posts on Snizl.

The number of Impressions show how many people have seen the affiliate promoted post on Snizl

Dream Pretty has also had 2,800 total Views. This is when a Snizl user clicks directly on to a Promotion Post to find out about the product, see details, visit the business page and more.

Stats show how many Views Dream Pretty has had on Snizl

And, over the course of just 3 months, 22 of these Snizl Users have gone on to make a purchase on the Dream Pretty website.

Statistics show how many Claims Dream Pretty has had in the first 3 months

These results are by no means astounding, but still unsurprising. Snizl gives you the platform to increase traffic to your website so you can enjoy more enquiries, quotes and sales. Rachel persisted with posting through the 3 months and it paid off massively. By using the Free Plan Snizl tools provided, Rachel now has the platform to market to 250,000 users at the click of a few buttons.

Although Rachel has only posted Promotions, it’s important to consider what the Analytics Dashboard may have looked like if there we’re monetary savings posted as Deals or a giveaway in the form of a Competition Post on Snizl. Post variations will boost engagement massively and Competition entrees will automatically become followers of your business, so you can directly market to them using push notifications in the future. We go into more detail about Premium Plan features in our latest Advertisement blog.

The Snizl platform has been amazing as it has allowed me to advertise locally as well as nationally and has really helped get the Dreamland Fashion name out there.

– Rachel Hoy.

How to increase traffic in Affiliate Marketing on Snizl

While Rachel runs Dream Pretty on the Snizl Free Plan, there’s so much more engagement and success to be had by signing up to the Premium Plan.

While the Free Plan gives Snizl business owners access to the standard analytics board and local and national targetted posting, the Premium Plan allows Snizl business owners to target their reach much further, increasing traffic to Posts and your website.

We asked Rachel to give some tips to affiliate marketers who want to take the first step to sell on Snizl but haven’t yet.

The best tips are, to stay consistent and make sure your content is eye-catching.

– Rachel Hoy.

It’s simple, yet effective advice from one of our highest performing Free Plan Snizl business owners.

The future for Dream Pretty

Affiliate marketing on Snizl slots into Rachel’s life quite perfectly. Giving her the freedom to focus on being a mother, while also earning an income. And as Dreamland Fashion handle all orders, stock, customer enquiries etc, there’s no unnecessary stress which means more brainpower to put into her all-important family.

The future for Dream Pretty is looking great as Dreamland Fashion constantly add new stock so you are never lost for something to promote.

– Rachel Hoy.

We want to thank you, Rachel, for being just another fantastic Snizl Business owner posting affordable, quality fashion to our 250,000 Snizl users – They love it, and we do too!

More tips on how to increase traffic and sales for your business

The Summer Holidays are upon us and now is a great time to begin advertising, read more about how to keep costs low while still beating the market. Or, if you’re new to Snizl, why not check out our 18 Point Snizl Business Checklist, a step by step checklist listing all the essentials for being successful on Snizl.

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