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Cool Results from another Independent Business using Snizl to Sell

Cool Chilli T-Shirts on Snizl, yet another independent business formed in lockdown ruling what it means to be a forward-thinking small business using the Snizl Platform to sell products during the pandemic.

We spoke to the owner of Cool Chilli T-Shirts, Jacques, a few weeks ago after noticing his rapid success using Snizl.

Cool Chilli T-Shirts is a valued Premium Plan member of our Snizl Business community, and in under 3 months, they have gained an eyebrow-raising 1.5k followers.


Our trusty Viral Competition Method helped Cool Chilli T-Shirts go from 0 to 1,500 followers in under 3 months.

They have Posted a range of Competitions, offering something for free to our audience of over 300,000 users.

Reminder: When a user enters your Competition, they automatically become a follower of your business. So, the more Comps you Post, or the more you share and market a single Competition, the more followers you gain!

This leads to easy, simple audience generation you can market back to in the future using our unique Boost features.

You can see here, Cool Chilli T-Shirts have seen some impressive stats from Posting Competitions!
You can see here, Cool Chilli T-Shirts have seen some impressive stats from Posting Competitions!

What is the history of Cool Chilli T-Shirts? Tell us a little bit about why you started the company…

Cool Chilli was an idea born some time ago, but I was too busy running another company to have the time to get it off the ground. But I was always knocking up designs, being an inveterate ideas person, who can be inspired by almost anything and turn it into a design for a T-shirt or mug. By the time I got around to founding Cool Chilli, I had over 80 designs ready to go.

– Jacques, Cool Chilli T-Shirts

How did the pandemic affect Cool Chilli?

Then came COVID and like everyone else my main business got hit hard. So, there I was with less than ever to do, and I thought “ah-ha! let’s pursue Cool Chilli and see how that works out…”.

– Jacques, Cool Chilli T-Shirts

It’s entrepreneurs like Jacques, who seldom let the pandemic affect their spirit, who shone through. Not letting the health crisis defeat his work ethic or desire to pursue long-awaited projects in the pipeline, Jacques used Snizl to promote and market his products and designs.

After some consistent Posting and upgrading to Premium to max out the benefits, Cool Chilli’s stats started to improve!

With the help from our marketing team here at Snizl, sharing each and every post to our own social media and external channels so even more people get to see what’s on offer, Views, Impressions and Claims were increasing each week for Cool Chilli.

After generating their following via Competitions, Cool Chilli T-Shirts now have an engaged audience scrolling through and clicking on their Snizl Deals & Promotions!

How did you come across Snizl?

I spotted Snizl a while back and had a look. A new, different idea is always good. They offered new routes to engage with and sell to a whole new audience sector. After I ran a few competitions and offers, I was amazed at how quickly the numbers grew, an audience, a would-be fan club, it was fantastic. The number of interested users was growing with each new idea.

– Jacques, Cool Chilli T-Shirts

Would you recommend Snizl to peers and other business owners?

I will always recommend a results-orientated platform, Snizl make it happen, just like they said they would. They are also planning new ideas for the platform, which is of interest to me, as I can engage with the fans and introduce them to projects I am working on.

– Jacques, Cool Chilli T-Shirts

See success like this for your very own business venture using Snizl…

We make marketing and generating a new audience, simple. Optimise your business page. Create a Competition and ask peers to share it around for you. Create Posts on Snizl promoting your Deals, offers or generic products. Let us do the rest – and repeat!

We guarantee you’ll see results like this in just a few weeks.

Premium gives you more

Remember, Premium Plan businesses take advantage of marketing email inclusions to over 300,000 Snizl Users, Priority re-sharing to social media and much more, so consider upgrading – It’s only £10.00 per month, never a contract.

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