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Covid-19 Business Survival Plan

There are two things a business owner and business leader can do during the Covid-19 crisis: 1. Do nothing and wait for it all to be over and then try to get your business back on track. OR 2. Be proactive and use the time to work on your business ensuring it’s ready for the […]


Easter Marketing Ideas Customers Can’t Resist

With many routes to go down when approaching marketing during Easter, it’s difficult to decide what kind of content to post. You may sell Easter eggs and due to current circumstances aren’t sure how to get them off the shelves. Or, you might not sell chocolate at all yet want to remind customers that your […]


5 of the most innovative marketing campaigns of the last couple of decades

We have seen some highly imaginative marketing campaigns over the years, especially since the boom of the internet at the turn of the new Millennium. Sometimes a brand needs a slightly outrageous marketing campaign to get noticed and even differentiate themselves from their competition. Thanks to quick and ingenious thinking, a number of companies have […]