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A Study On Our New Featured Posts Tool

Last week, we released our all-new marketing tool, Featured Posts.

Sitting at the very top of our feed viewed daily by 400,000 Snizl Users, the Featured Posts Tool has an advantage over regular posts.

The advantage? Featured Posts are the first thing shoppers see when they visit or refresh the feed.

The Featured Posts bar, right at the top of the feed for all to see!

We put it to the test

In an effort to demonstrate to our business owners how the Featured Post Tool amplifies your Posts and overall success on the platform, we put the Featured Posts Tool to the test.

Below is an offer from one of our external affiliate sites Posted as a Deal on the Snizl Feed.

The Deal Post on Snizl

We created this Post twice, although Featured one of them in the Featured Post section at the top of the feed, and set it to 7 days.

Using the handy Featured Posts Slider Tool to add the Deal to our Featured Posts bar
Using the handy Featured Posts Slider Tool to add the Deal to our Featured Posts bar

The results

What happened? Something no other marketing platform provides.

We monitor data on Posts in the form of 3 separate metrics.

Impressions: The number of times a Post was seen on Snizl

Views: The number of times a Post was clicked on, on Snizl

Claims: The number of times a Snizl User clicked through to the website or took action from the post (made a purchase or completed a goal)

For this example post we ran a test on, we saw an impressive 50% increase in Impressions, a jaw-dropping 800% increase in Views and a hearty 300% Increase in Claims!

The results of the Featured Post varies massively from a Post on the real-time feed.

Posting to the main feed has obvious benefits, it’s free and updated regularly – But, if what you’re looking for is numerous fast and worthwhile results, then you should consider Featuring a Post.

To Conclude

The Featured Posts Tool is an all-inclusive tool, meaning both Premium and Free plan business owners can take advantage of its potential.

The handy new slider bar allows you to decide how the marketing feature works for your business.

Featuring a Post for 2 days costs just £2 per day. Amplified marketing on our feed, no contract, no hidden charges.

You choose the duration. You choose the cost.

If you want to read more updates on marketing, or tips and tricks on how to Grow Your Business, click here.

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